Let's wrap-up January with a quick run-down of some things that crossed my desk in the first month of the new year. Today's column will hop around to a variety of topics. Pep's potpourri, we like to call it.

During the Medal of Honor Bowl a couple of weeks ago, former college basketball coaches Les Robinson and Bobby Cremins served as honorary special team coaches. During the game, Cremins was asked twice to tape an ankle. Turns out his white hair makes him look close enough to be mistaken for long-time Citadel trainer, Andy Clawson.

Bobby Johnson, retired football coach from Vanderbilt, was an assistant coach for that week. He says the experience was terrific but solidified his instincts that he'll never get the itch to return to coaching.

Most of Johnson's time now is spent spearheading a celebrity golf tournament to raise money for abused and underprivileged children in Charleston. He's received commitments from Steve Spurrier in the coaching ranks and from Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty for the Feb. 15 event at The Ocean Course.

Wonder if Willie will try to sell some duck calls at the Southeastern Wildlife Expo that same weekend?

With this ring

I like to read many of the community papers in the area: The Summerville Journal Scene, The Berkeley Independent, The Moultrie News, The Georgetown Times, The Kingstree News. They connect in a special way with their readers.

In a recent notice from Kingstree, a special recognition of marital bliss was highlighted. Aldridge and Pearl Murray celebrated 73 years of marriage. Their eight children have produced 24 grandchildren, 45 great-grands and 20 great-great-grandchildren.

Congratulations, but there's no way anybody could possibly get all the names right at the reunion. Plus, a photographer would have to stand on the far side of the Williamsburg County Highway to capture everybody in the family photo.

Even so, another tip of the hat to both Aldridge and Pearl for putting up with each other for that long. When you said "I do," you really did.

Home remedies

A couple of weeks ago, stuffiness and congestion took up residence in my head. The whole Lowcountry was sick after temperatures dropped from 60 to 17 degrees. Instead of going to the doctor, I asked folks on Facebook for home remedies. It was cheaper than a co-pay. But, as always, you get what you pay for.

Here, in a capsule, were some of the suggestions: Nose strips, steroid shot, homemade chicken noodle soup, head held over steam from boiling pot of water, over-the-counter drugs and extra Vitamin C. Those suggestions were appreciated, but fairly predictable.

A couple of the others were somewhat questionable and involved medicinal cures from a different time and place. One person was very sure brown liquor mixed with honey and lemon juice would do the trick. Another believed the best option would be "vodka, followed by ... more vodka."

And then there was this remedy from a sweet grandma who was very sure it would work if I'd just give it a chance.

It involved Vicks vapor rub. I'm familiar with the smell and application to the chest and nose from my childhood. This lady, though, wanted me to put it on my feet, then put socks on before I went to bed.

After a couple of sleepless nights, I actually tried it. Not sure it really solved any of the problems, but when my congestion cleared, the first thing I could definitely determine was that my feet smelled fresh and minty.

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