Time to put up the boots. The snow barely showed. The ice drips away Thursday. By Sunday, in one of those sly sips of Lowcountry mojo, it's summer again. For a while, anyway.

What's coming?

THURSDAY: Look at the bright side - in the other half of the country, this is what they call May. Highs, upper 30s to lower 40s. Lows, lower 20s to lower 30s.

FRIDAY: Shedding layers. Highs, lower 50s to upper 50s. Lows, mid 30s to mid 40s.

SATURDAY: More like it. Highs, low 60s to mid 60s. Lows, mid 40s to low 50s. Slight chance of rain.

SUNDAY: Ready? Highs, mid 60s to 70. Lows, low 50s to mid 50s. Clouds. Slight chance of rain.

MONDAY: Maybe you don't really want to know yet.

Source: National Weather Service, Charleston

"A different air mass, for sure," said meteorologist Julie Packett, of the National Weather Service, Charleston.

"About time," says nearly anyone else who braved two nights and a day of un-subtropical ice not fit to slurp from a cone.

That second blast of the month from the Arctic North was just January overstaying its welcome. Saturday is February, better known as the Lowcountry month when its most likely to sno---ah, never mind.

Daytime temps are climbing above freezing and will soar through the weekend. As it warms up, they all will reopen, one by one - the barricaded bridges, the shuttered-up banks, the darkened restaurants and stores, even the dismissed schools. Then it gets "hard to believe," said Weather Service meteorologist Jonathan Lamb. "Sunday looks amazing, almost into the 70s."

Aaaaah. Take it in like a big whiff of suntan lotion. Monday, another cold front comes barrelling through.