An unreality show

I've lived in Charleston my whole life and have explored its different assets that make this city so special.

When I learned that a new reality show might be filmed here, I was horrified. When I saw the preview, I was appalled by what was about to be broadcast to the entire country.

The title, "Southern Charm," doesn't suit this crude interpretation of Charlestonians. I have seen people who actually have made Charleston what it is.

If the cast of "Southern Charm" is the future of our city, then God help us.

I am speaking out to save our city's reputation. I am only in high school, but my peers and I agree that this reality show is atrocious.

It is not just the physical things we love about our city, but the people who live here, and "Southern Charm" does not portray our city as a wonderful place to live, work and grow up.

When I tell people I am from Charleston, I want to say it proudly.

No matter your age or your occupation, whether you live in Mount Pleasant or in North Charleston, we all share this gem of the South.

As a community we can show Bravo TV that this farce of a "reality show" is not welcome by people who actually care about their city.

Madeline Kuhn

Church Street


Coyote destination

In a Jan. 15 letter to the editor, a writer inquired, "What would island authorities do with a pile of dead animals?"

Her question was based on the assumption that Sullivan's Island authorities might permit the shooting of the island coyotes.

Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, while jogging, shot a coyote that was menacing his dog. The governor left the dead coyote where it fell.

"He became mulch," Gov. Perry said.

Sammy Kirshtein

King Street


VA benefits

As a retired U.S. Air Force field grade officer with combat missions over North and South Vietnam, I am shedding tear after tear for the difficult plight of Arnold Goodstein of the Charleston County Aviation Authority.

Perhaps he can tell the public how he was able to become eligible for 100 percent disability, thus exempting him from paying property taxes on his $755,000 home and two cars, while pulling in $3,000 a month in disability payments.

How dare Mr. Steinberger, chairman of the Charleston County GOP, question (as a private citizen, no less) Mr. Goodstein's "totally disabled" status.

Think of the heroes who could not return to their loved ones - or who returned with brain damage, burns, missing arms or legs and severe post traumatic stress disorder.

How are they doing?

How many of these brave and deserving veterans receive similar benefits from the VA?

How much are their property taxes?

No free ride for most of them.

Are taxpayers getting their money's worth?

I doubt it.

Brian Daly

Stone Watch Drive

Johns Island

Community spirit

I am writing to congratulate Charleston Promise Neighborhood (CPN) on the recent Community Engagement rally held at 1819 Meeting St. in the heart of the neighborhood.

On a windy, cold Lowcountry day, over 200 residents, students and families witnessed firsthand the impact a nonprofit organization can have by bringing together a diverse group of leaders.

I congratulate the amazing CPN staff, the Community Engagement Council, businesses and nonprofits that surround the CPN office, and all who supported and attended the rally.

It is an honor to volunteer for such a dedicated group of individuals who are 100 percent focused on positive results within our schools and the community in Charleston and North Charleston.

Drew Laurens

Secretary, Community Engagement Council

Historic Charleston


Cool Blow Street


Grill stolen

On Jan. 17 someone stole a trailer grill from my yard on Parkwood Avenue near The Citadel.

Crimes happen, and this crime is no more important than the hundreds of others that take place in Charleston, except that someone stole a trailer that had a six-foot by three-foot grill on it with a four-by-four work space.

I used this grill to feed the Wando band for five years, as well as the James Island Babe Ruth teams and the Cathedral Vacation Bible School.

I also have fed the RBI baseball program, many a Citadel cadet, The Citadel baseball team and Coach Freddie Jordan, and the Air Force Base Civil Engineer Squadron.

The thief or thieves did not just steal from me, they stole from everyone I have ever done cooking for, aiding their organizations.

It was not an easy accomplishment to steal this grill. It had to have taken several men to wheel it out of the yard and hook the hitch to a truck.

It is not easy to hide - being a large flat iron black grill with a six-foot barrel shape.

For my sake and the sake of the people I have cooked for, if you see it please call me and tell me where it is, or call the police.

A reward is offered for the return of the grill and the arrest and conviction of the thief or thieves.

Although this crime appears to have hurt no one physically, it has, and will continue to hurt a lot of innocent people.

Steve Campbell

Parkwood Avenue


Justified fear

Vladimir Putin does not want Russia to fall victim to America's morality.

Who can blame him?

William G. Ethridge

Ethridge Drive


Increase patrol pay

I recently read that the S.C. troopers graduated 37 new officers (Class No. 93) to patrol S.C. highways. That would increase their total force to about 740.

My son graduated in the Jubilee Class No. 75 in 2000, which, at that time, increased the force to about 700. Now 13 years later and 18 classes later the total strength remains about the same.

More people now live in South Carolina. There are more drivers, more accidents and more folks complaining about the lack of enforcement on I-26 between Summerville and I-95.

The turnover is great, probably because of low wages, and now the governor wants to aid law enforcement without new taxes.

I'll believe it when I see it.

My son loved patrolling Horry County, but circumstances led him to a new career path in law enforcement. Five of his fellow officers left for Las Vegas for better wages.

Until the state commits to law enforcement as a priority with adequate numbers of officers and better pay, I'm afraid the old complaint that "there's never a cop around when you need one" will continue.

James Hughes

Country Club Boulevard


Limited choices

The election cycle of 2016 is still two years away.

Now the mainstream media are telling me I have only two candidates to vote for - New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie or former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The Republican candidates have lost four out of the last six presidential elections.

Is the political system so broken that my opinion and vote counts for nothing?

When will my vote count?

Dennis L. Compton

Filly Court

North Charleston