Surveillance photos show a woman who walked into two Goose Creek banks and cashed fraudulent checks, according to police.

The woman cashed a $900 check from another man’s acount Nov. 18 at Heritage Trust, according to police. The check was from a checkbook that was stolen from a car on the Isle of Palms, police said. The check was made out to Sylvia Proctory, according to the incident report.

The same suspect cashed an $850 check from another woman’s account Nov. 25 at South Carolina Federal Credit Union, according to an incident report. The check was made out to Sylvia Proctor, police said. The woman who was defrauded told police several checks may have been stolen from her purse while she was in Columbia.

Anyone who recognizes the suspect is asked to call Investigator Micah Fogle at 863-5200, extension 2334.

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