New book recounts battle with hearing loss

Rosalind Williams of the Isle of Palms has published a humor book called "What? Or Have You Had Your Earring Tested."

The self-published book, which costs $5.95 at, recounts Williams' adventures and misunderstandings before getting hearing aids.

It is meant to nudge friends, relatives and others who are in denial about their hearing abilities, she said.

Edisto author tells of healing in new book

Mary Ann Kaiser of Edisto Island has produced a book called "Love That Heals: Let My Life's Love Song Sing To You."

The book, co-published by Creation House, costs $7.99, is available at online, brick-and-mortar and Christian bookstores.

It is about "how God restored a crumbling marriage and healed an incurable disease," and how Kaiser found hope, healing and love after personal struggle.

It is meant to offer "hope and encouragement to all who have ever despaired that things could ever get better" by emphasizing forgiveness and faith.