Global perspective

Before any letters are written by climate-change deniers commenting about the record-setting low temperatures we've been experiencing, I thought I'd point out a few inconvenient facts.

The Arctic's sea-ice-cover area is at a record low for early January - even lower than the record year of 2006.

Europe is experiencing winter temperatures above average. Many in the United Kingdom are wondering when it will snow.

Australia is experiencing a heat wave. Reports from Queensland in the past week indicate record-setting temperatures exceeding 50 degrees C (122 degrees F).

Despite the research vessels being trapped in Antarctic sea ice, ice cover in the seas around Antarctica is only slightly greater than the long- term average.

Year-to-year increase in Antarctic sea ice cover is far less than year-to-year loss in the Arctic.

Mark Geesey

Indigo Bay Circle

Mount Pleasant

Emission cut

In response to a Jan. 5 letter titled "Climate silence," which stated that "the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere corresponds directly with the average mean temperature of the Earth. Period.":

We all know that humans, by breathing out, produce carbon dioxide.

Now if we could just get everyone on the Earth to stop breathing for an hour each day the problem might be solved. The fact that they might not be breathing at all the next day would certainly solve the problem.

First there was global warming, and now it's called climate change. But many of us know who is actually in control of the climate.

Robert P. Worst Sr.

Cap'n Sams Road

Johns Island