The Charleston County Sheriff's Office is investigating the death of a dog that happened during the search for an inmate mistakenly released from the Al Cannon Detention Center.

The search for George Henry Knight of James Island led sheriff's deputies Friday to a Johns Island residence where they encountered several aggressive pit bulls running loose.

The deputies contacted the Animal Control Unit for assistance.

"In an effort to secure the pit bulls with a catch pole, one of them died in the process," authorities said.

The Sheriff's Office said it will conduct an administrative investigation of the circumstances surrounding how the dog died.

The incident happened on Pondview Road. Knight was not found at the residence.

On Wednesday, Charleston police arrested Knight on charges of possession with intent to distribute marijuana, distribution of marijuana and unlawful carrying of a firearm, authorities said.

The following day, a personal recognizance bond was issued for his release, but soon afterwards a new bond was set requiring Knight to post $30,000 bail, officials said.

A jail staffer who received the updated paperwork for Knight didn't pass it along in a timely manner. That allowed Knight to be released without posting the required bail, officials said.