Each December since 1927, The Post and Courier's Good Cheer Fund has raised money to help the less fortunate in our community. That first year, $1,797 was contributed to help families in crisis, shelter the homeless and feed the hungry in our midst during the holidays. We are extremely happy to announce that this year's donations total $374,744.27, the highest yearly total in the fund's history. During the past 86 years, the fund has raised $7,225,778.44 for the betterment of the Lowcountry, an astounding testament to the compassion and generosity of our readers.

All contributions large and small are important to the success of the campaign, from an anonymous $5 to the funds collected by kindergartners to corporate contributions in the tens of thousands of dollars. This year, a number of donations helped bring some good from a family's loss. After 23-year-old Steven A. Brinson of North Charleston was killed in an accident on Nov. 7, his family requested that donations be made to the Good Cheer Fund in his honor. As a result, we received $10,945 in his memory, a moving tribute to a young man whose life was tragically cut short.

In addition, at the beginning of this year's fund-raising campaign the Post and Courier Foundation announced that it would match donations from Charleston-area employees of Evening Post Industries. We are pleased to report that the fund has received an extra $3,000 from this matching program.

There are no administrative costs associated with the fund and all the money is distributed by six local agencies - Coastal Catholic Charities, Carolina Youth Development Center, Lowcountry Food Bank, Association for the Blind, Salvation Army and Star Gospel Mission - to help meet the area's most critical needs at this time of year.

The following contributions have been received since last week. Acknowledgement of any donations received after Dec. 27 will be published at the beginning of the 2014 Good Cheer Fund campaign next December.


Evening Post Industries employee match 3,000.00

Nat & Ann - Finally! 20.14

In honor of our loving mother and granny, Dianne P. White 100.00

Karol Queen 50.00

Alex, Francesca and Marcus Jackson 100.00

In honor of our children, Richard, Morgan and Louise, from Richard and Margi Marks 500.00

In honor of the wonderful faculty and staff an Knightsville Elementary School 100.00

In honor of those who prayed for us and the Doctors and Nurses in the NICU. Love, Bennett and Mary Grace 50.00

In thankfulness for our healthy grandchildren 100.00

In honor of Myrtle Romanus 25.00

The Wrecking Crew 150.00

Magpie, Gabriel, Belle Belle, Ma Ma and Juju Floofy, our perfect grandchildren 100.00

In honor of our granddaughters, Taylor and Lauren 50.00

In thanksgiving for my aunts and uncles, Lynn, Mary, Melvin, Ann and Gene 150.00

In honor of the charitable mission of DraftaCelebrity.com 500.00

In honor of Jeanie Heath. Merry Christmas, from Scott, Janet, Chip and Kellee Ann 100.00

Jim and Mary Ellen Engle 100.00

Sara H. DuGene 100.00

Bill and Sharon Ungemach 100.00

With love, Molly and Baird 100.00

William and Mary Van Hook 200.00

Joyce Morris 25.00

Janet Elum 4,000.00

Alan and Virgina Arthur 100.00

Katherine 100.00

Melinda Summer 50.00

Christopher Keto 100.00

To honor artist Jack C. Thames 100.00

Jeanne Lantz 100.00

Barbara Pack 30.00

Paul and Susan Nelson 50.00

Brew and Libby Hagood 250.00

Jeanne Juhos 25.00

Gene and Kathy Smith 100.00

Sandra and Morey Lipton 100.00

Andrew and Phyllis Kreek 100.00

In honor of Laura Wheeler 100.00

Dennis and Ann Maxwell 100.00

From our dog, "Laika" 25.00

Marian and Anne Crowder 50.00

Rose Ditullio 20.00

Salem United Methodist Women 100.00

John Van Dalen 50.00

Tom and Marilyn 100.00

Danny and Jim Kenney 100.00

In honor and appreciation of The Bridge of Charleston and their wonderful staff and caregivers 100.00

Donald and Anne Skinner 25.00

David Brown 25.00

Lisa and George Tupper 200.00

Barbara Nestro and Peggy Fox 40.00

Parisian and Harrington Families 100.00

Christina Kleindt 100.00

Woodrow and Betty Blizzard 300.00

Port City Supply, Inc. 200.00

Marsha Purvis 50.00

David and Lori Greeley 50.00

Russell Warren 75.00

In honor of my wonderful mother, Dottie Sutton-Barber 50.00

In honor of family 100.00

James and Rhonda Hunter 50.00

In recognition of our grand nieces and nephews: Emily, Virginia Ann, Matthew and Whitmarsh, from Bernie and Bubba Kennedy 50.00

C.T.I.M. 100.00

Mark Sloan and Michelle Van Parys 100.00

For Sarah, Clare, Thomas, Cole and Tabitha 50.00

Barbara Palassis 50.00

In thanksgiving for Concha, Charlie, Katie, Cale, Hayden, Richard, Kristin, Andrew, Caroline, Lizie and David 275.00

With much appreciation for Jessica Weiler, Kelli Therriault, Julie Emory, Alexis Suttle, Susan Hannon, Mark Guinyard and the staff and administration at Ft. Dorchester High School, from Dominique Trinkl and the Trinkl Family 300.00

In honor of our children: Beth, Eddie and Brian and our daughter-in-law, Michele and Caroline and our 4 rescue cats 100.00

In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hahn 25.00

In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Curry 25.00

In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Rick Carol 25.00

In honor of our grandchildren, Stephen, Evan, Shelby, Kayla, Ansley and Watts 100.00

Special friends, Nancy and Frank Collins 50.00

In honor of our granddaughter, Anne Lisette Williams 25.00

Robert Tulumello 100.00

Dr. George Durst Jr. 100.00

Randy Wilkes 100.00

Tim Truesdell 100.00

Skipper Shaffer Jr. 100.00

Thomas Madden 100.00

The Shelter 100.00

Marshall Stith 100.00

James Harrington 100.00

Dowse D. Rustin 100.00

Carolina Gas Company 100.00

Catherine Rasor 100.00

Milton Langley 100.00

Daniel Berryman 100.00

Mt. Pleasant Seafood - Retail 100.00

In love and appreciation for my dad, D.D. Salley III and my sister, Harriett S. Kizer, by Walton Salley 150.00

Hamilton Family 100.00

















Amy Weinacht 50.00

Mr. and Mrs. Merritt Dyke and Family 1,000.00

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Dyke and Family 1,000.00


Dr. Julian T. Buxton Jr. a/k/a "Hotdaddy," from his grandchildren, Lallie, Leeza, Walker, Edward, Pearce, Knox, Lucy, Hugh and Julian 100.00

Mabel Boykin Proctor, Peter Edward Proctor, John Scott Boykin, Mildred Pinckney Boykin, George Dixon Kleckley, Florence Boykin Kleckley and Dr. Arnold Arthur Swanson 100.00

Mahe, c'est moi. Joyeux Noel 25.00

My good friend, Tim Jarrell 25.00

My friend, Audrey Ham. Love, Ruby Johnson 25.00

Billy Stevens and Cannon 100.00

Capt. and Mrs. T. Pinckney Lowndes, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Blanton, Mr. Fred Mixon and Col. and Mrs. Robert Blanton 500.00

Our parents, Emory, Dorothy and Wayne 100.00

Our loving father and grandaddy, Francis Dalton White 100.00

Herbert, Marjorie and Bud Schaefer 300.00

My daddy, Wayne Unger 25.00

Johnnie and Evelyn Cockfield 50.00

Ken and Sig.miss you 40.00

Adela Cook and Betsy McAdams. Love, the McAdams family 75.00

Our father, Jimmie L. Douglas, from daughters Sally Cate and Susanne Foster 100.00

Our parents, Albert and Ethel Couch and Stueard and Mary Nettles, from John and Mary Sue Couch 100.00

Henry and Sylvia Yaschik 100.00

Elliott, Al and Virginia, Sarah, Sharon and Heno 160.00

Our dear son, Bryan Raybon. Love, Mom and Dad 500.00

My grandparents, Helen, Edward, Mary and Nathan, my aunt Joyce and my uncles, Fred and Bob 150.00

Kenneth and Dorothy Geiger Bates 50.00

Whaley R. Hinnant III 50.00

Willow Campi 500.00

Alton Sheppard, beloved husband and wonderful father, we miss you greatly, your loving family 100.00

Furman 100.00

The June, in honor of Jason and Laura. Love, Merriman and Wayne 100.00

Gilda and Arthur H. Brouthers Jr., Richard and John Brouthers, Mary Sponar, Pets Frankie, Jonni and Bernard 200.00

Sam and Betty Jones, from Chuck and Flora 100.00

Father Bud Hollis, from children Cathi, Debi and David 25.00

Julie Britt, from Kate 50.00

Tom Cavanaugh 25.00

My husband, Larry White 20.00

Napoleon, Emperor of The French 25.00

My departed loved ones, from Pinky Krug 18.00

Patricia Glass Bennett 50.00

Arden A. Lemon 100.00

Courtney and Patrick 50.00

Our beloved Bailey 50.00

David and Millie Francer, from Doug and Janet Patterson and family 100.00

Steven A. Brinson - A Fort Patriot Forever. Love, Fort Dorchester High School 50.00

Anne Dobson 308.00

Joey, our son 100.00

Emma Shuler 15.00

Ruthie M. Moyd and Elliott R. Jackson, from Rosalind Banks 50.00

Bob and Jean Horning, we miss you, Peg and Russ 50.00

Wallace Trowell, from Mrs. Amy U. Trowell 30.00

Mac and David 50.00

Maude Pooser, from C.B., Rusty and Terry Whaley 100.00

Nathan Frank 10.00

Tina Difiglio and relatives 30.00

My dear sweet husband 10.00

Anne K. Donato and Desmond Koster 100.00

W.H.B. Sr. from P.H.B. 25.00

Statia Len, from her dad, Lenny 100.00

Henri, Tom, Bill, Price and Tyler 100.00

Our parents, Fred and Marquerite and Virgil and Wilma 100.00

Steven A. Brinson, from Peggy Bozard 25.00

Our parents, Phillip and Alice Campbell and M.S. and Katherine Clayton 100.00

My wife, Leah Sturcken Altine 100.00

Steven Brinson, from the Riley Family 100.00

Jim Weldon 25.00

My parents, Woodruff S. Post and Katherine W. Post (Bethesda, MD) and grandfather, Woodruff S. Post, M.D. (New York City) 50.00

Mary Jervey Drayton and Porter Smith 100.00

AnnaMae, Maurice, Rose and Herb 200.00

My wonderful mother, Ethel Usher Johnson. Love, Angela 25.00

Steven A. Brinson, from Linda Pearson 100.00

My husband and Lessie 2,000.00

My good friend, Donald M. Wilson 200.00

Capt. Harrington, Capt. Leland, Buck Marlowe, Sam Campbell, Willy Weston, Henry Weathers, Henry Singleton, Clarence Felder, Isaac Manigault, Chan Stroman, Jimmy Leland, Capt. Jimmy Scott and Frank Cherry 200.00

Our good friend, Burrell T. Boatwright 100.00

Chuck Marquardt and Mary Marquardt, from Connie, Jim, Brendan and Colleen Ball 25.00

Peggy and John Norton, from Connie, Jim, Brendan and Colleen Ball 25.00

The Rev. Marshall E. Travers, Harriet Dwight Travers Roberts, Joe Yarbrough III, Marshall E. Yarbrough, Joe Yarbrough Sr., Helen O. Yarbrough and C.E. (Skeet) Roberts, from Harriet, Joe and Linsey 150.00

Our daughter, Ashley Martin 25.00

Arthur D. and "Kate" Lebby Wall and siblings Susy Heyward, Lil Jenkins and "Pete" Wall 50.00

CB and Ruth Williams, Pete and Olympia Philipps, May deVineau, Zoe Katsaros, Susan B. King and Bea S. McCay 50.00

Our precious kitties, Blacktie, Tuttie and Mookie 10.00

My mom Harriett Salley and my sister Cynthia "Sam" Nash, by Walton Salley 50.00

TODAY'S TOTAL $32,861.14

PREVIOUS TOTAL $341,883.13

2013 FINAL TOTAL $374,744.27

LAST YEAR'S FINAL $361,770.21

CORRECTIONS; The following donations were listed incorrectly last week.


For the joy of grandchildren Johnathan, Kitty, Tyler, Anne, Emma, Sarah Louise, Eleanor and Jack $800.00

In memory of

Albo's Friends: Adela Cook, Randall Heffron and Ron Fowler 100.00

H. Exo Hilton 25.00