Barbara Ann Wisdom spent a quarter century as Catholic nun before she moved to South Carolina two months ago.

Even after Wisdom left New York and settled in the Palmetto State's warmer clime, she kept her faith close.

The 71-year-old had rosary beads with her Monday night when a car driven by someone the authorities have labeled as a violent criminal slammed into her on Dorchester Road in North Charleston.

Paramedics rushed Wisdom to a hospital, where doctors tried to save her life. She died within hours of the 7 p.m. incident.

The driver of the Buick LaSabre that hit the retired nun, 25-year-old Kevin Larone Ivery of Peppercorn Lane, faces charges of being a habitual traffic offender and driving under suspension more than three times, according to the North Charleston Police Department.

Ivery has a history of possessing crack cocaine. Nearly four years ago, investigators said he shot two men who barged into his girlfriend's home in an attempt to rob Ivery of the marijuana they had arranged to buy.

It's possible that more charges will result from further investigation into the fatal incident Monday, North Charleston police spokesman Spencer Pryor said.

Ivery was being held Tuesday evening at the Dorchester County Detention Center in lieu of $50,000 bail.

Details about the fatality were still unclear. The police had not released an official report.

Pryor said Wisdom was standing on the edge of Dorchester Road near a CVS pharmacy at the Ashley Phosphate Road intersection when she was hit.

It was dark at the time.

Rescuers were seen working in a grassy ditch in front of the CVS before carrying off the dying woman. Traffic was diverted around the busy intersection, which includes a Walgreens pharmacy, a McDonald's restaurant and a Shell gas station.

Dorchester County Coroner Chris Nisbet said Wisdom had been a nun for 25 years in New York before recently moving to the Lowcountry.

Whether she had loved ones in the area wasn't immediately known.

Wisdom had never been married and had no children, Nisbet said. She had two younger siblings: a brother in California and a sister in New Jersey, he added.

But Ivery, who lives about two miles from the incident site, has been a familiar face to North Charleston police officers and other local authorities.

His criminal history as an adult started in 2005, when an arrest resulted in a conviction for disturbing schools, according to the State Law Enforcement Division.

Ivery's run-ins with the law escalated in the eight years since.

In 2006, he was convicted for unlawfully carrying a firearm.

Ivery avoided convictions that year on charges of assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature and simple marijuana possession and the next year on counts of failing to comply with a police officer's directions and of having an open alcohol container in his car.

In 2010, two separate arrests for misdemeanor possession of crack cocaine resulted in convictions. Drug distribution charges were dropped.

He also was convicted for the first time that year for driving under suspension.

Ivery was convicted of possession of a firearm by a certain person for his role in a 2011 gunfight during a drug deal gone awry.

In that February episode, Ivery's girlfriend told deputies that he had fielded a call about men who wanted to come to her Dunlap Street mobile home and pick up some marijuana. Instead, two armed assailants later burst inside and demanded the drugs.

Ivery told Charleston County sheriff's investigators at the time that he didn't start shooting until he saw a flash from a gun's muzzle. He then opened fire in self-defense with a Glock pistol and a revolver, he told the deputies.

The alleged would-be robbers, who were later charged with attempted murder, were a 16-year-old boy and an 18-year-old young man. They were shot, but they survived. Ivery suffered only minor injuries and no gunshot wounds.

The authorities found 9.24 ounces of marijuana in the home.

Later that same year, Ivery was convicted on another count of possessing crack cocaine.

His rap sheet shows a third conviction for driving under suspension in 2012.

His latest arrest before Monday came in August, when he was jailed on a bench warrant for failing to show up for a hearing in traffic court.

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