Help the jobless

I do not understand why the Republicans in Congress are refusing to extend unemployment insurance for the 1.3 million who are going to lose those benefits.

There are not enough jobs to go around. The bulk of the unemployed are actively, as required, seeking employment.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, this will result in a large drag on the economy. It will also cost businesses 240,000 jobs. It makes absolutely no economic sense, not to mention the moral issue.

What exactly are people without a job supposed to do? How do they feed their families, pay the rent? How do they survive?

The Grinch is alive and well and lives in the heart of the Congress members refusing this extension.

Rick Stringer

McDonough Road

Folly Beach

Fitness options

David Quick's article on fitness trends for the New Year was a wonderful review of the many paths we can take to a more active and healthy life in the Lowcountry.

I was excited to see that creative fitness programs for people of all ages - from children to older adults - are beginning to gain real momentum across our nation. Recent national articles have begun to verify that even small gains in fitness and strength can have a huge impact on chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and depression.

In our own small business in Mount Pleasant, we have witnessed seniors making amazing gains in strength, balance and well-being.

Thanks to David and The Post and Courier for exposing all of us to the many ways we can get stronger in the New Year.

Mark Osborn

Owner, Regional Developer

ActiveRx of South Carolina

Lake Hunter Circle

Mount Pleasant

Menial jobs

On Dec. 25, The Post and Courier published a letter from a local civil servant who criticized the newspaper for failing to cover a luncheon in which Gov. Nikki Haley touted the growth of new jobs in South Carolina.

According to this writer, Gov. Haley proudly announced the creation of employment in this state such as tire factory jobs and electronic assembly line jobs.

While I agree with the letter writer that The Post and Courier often fails to cover Lowcountry political and civic events, I disagree with him that the creation of menial jobs is something our state should be proud of.

On my economics and politics blog, I often write about the continuous replacement of so-called "breadwinner jobs" with menial and part-time employment. This trend began during the Great Recession and has been accelerated by the advent of Obamacare.

Gov. Haley's proud speech about the creation of menial jobs and the civil servant's report that it "uplifted the room" suggests that the political class is out-of-touch with economic reality.

Seth Mason


Picket Street

James Island

Death panel

While I am a lifelong supporter of First Amendment rights and a firm believer in freedom of the press regardless of its political orientation, I must question the decorum exhibited by The Post and Courier editorial ranks.

It takes a lot for a member of the fourth estate to motivate me to anger, but Frank Wooten's recent decision to volunteer as the "Obamacare death panel of one for our community" is so beyond the boundaries of decency that I had to read and re-read his Dec. 10 tirade to be sure that I was not missing something.

I can only say that if and when the day comes that Mr. Wooten is no longer able to pay for or make his own decisions about his medical care I hope that no one else steps forward to fill his self-assumed apocalyptic charge and metes out his own brand of social consciousness upon him.

Daniel C. Limata

Omni Boulevard

Mount Pleasant

Trip to the zoo

Welcome to the Washington Zoo. Head zookeeper Obama is still trying to convince us of the joys of the Unaffordable Care Act. There's an ad with a rapper doing a rap about the act. However, the best is Pajama Boy, the new epitome of American manhood, living in his parents' basement because he can't get a job, sipping hot chocolate, urging his age group to buy health care.

Also in the zoo are John Boehner and Mitch McConnell. Incensed that some of the newly elected Republicans won't bow down to the establishment kings of the hill, they are attacking Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, new House members and the Tea Party.

It doesn't matter that the latter are the only sane ones in the zoo. They know that profligate spending can't continue. But the establishment on both sides of the aisle wants to spend all they can get away with on such noteworthy research as the mating habits of the Australian yellow-tailed wombat.

We also have Hillary ("What difference does it make?") Clinton, the fierce lioness waiting to succeed Obama.

Disappointed that Obama was not the Messiah she thought he'd be, Barbara Walters named Hillary as the year's most fascinating person, thus jump-starting Hillary's run for the White House.

Now the media, another part of the zoo, will diligently try to cleanse Hillary of all responsibility in the Benghazi incident.

Karl Rove and Al Gore also are still around. Rove, another member of the establishment is concerned that American voters might actually be intelligent enough to no longer eat the pap they've been fed for years.

Gore continues to try to convince the world that polar bears are drowning in the tropical waters of the Arctic. Enjoy the zoo.

Bill Hausler

Out of Bounds Drive


New ordinance

I would like to bring attention to the City of Goose Creek Ordinance 13-009 which will be effective Jan. 1, 2014.

The ordinance states that it is based on "Title 6, Chapter 1, Section 6-1-720 of the code of laws of South Carolina" to establish a two percent hospitality fee on charges for prepared food and beverages within the city of Goose Creek."

The word "fee" does not appear anywhere in Section 6-1-700. But in the ordinance, "tax" is replaced by "fee" repeatedly.

Section 6-1-730 states that revenue generated by the hospitality tax must be used exclusively to support tourism. What Goose Creek tourist attraction have I missed in my 30 years living here?

Ordinance 13-009 states the revenue will be used in "constructing new recreational facilities and improving existing recreational facilities."

A tax is a tax. You cannot change that by calling it a fee. Use the tax for the purpose required by state law.

Larry Cox

Main Ridge Boulevard

Goose Creek

TV hypocrisy

I don't watch much TV, but I saw an article in the newspaper recently about "Duck Dynasty," and I've heard several radio shows discussing Phil Robertson and the uproar he has caused.

I picture the executives at A&E sitting right up there next to God, holding the moral high ground and telling us all how to be good.

I decided to dig a bit deeper, and moved a few pages to the prime time TV listings. There must be some mistake; nearly all the listings for A&E had the words "killer," "murder" and "blood" included.

On one side we have Phil Robertson who may not share the same set of morals as the executives at A&E. I am sure that his personal beliefs would be hurtful to some.

On the other side, we have the A&E executives who are responsible for feeding our children a steady diet of gratuitous sex, drugs, violence and degradation of women every day of the year.

Millions are negatively affected as we lower the standards of our society. These executives should be ashamed of themselves.

David Bourgeois

Chucker Drive