Give them a try

I have had the pleasure in the last few months to be asked to help several individuals find a job. These have included new masters level grads as well as others who have been in the workplace.

We did the usual resume preparation, interview techniques and practice interviews.

On numerous occasions the individuals were told "but you do not have any experience." I would like to remind those people that at one time they did not have any experience either. But some intelligent person saw something in them and gave them an opportunity to gain experience.

Those who are doing the interviewing, please remember that you are where you are because someone took a chance on you.

Creighton E. Likes Jr.

Lenwood Boulevard


Common Core

I thought I had heard all the possible excuses for South Carolina not adopting the Common Core curriculum but the latest whine borders on the most ridiculous. According to a recent letter to the editor, the social corruption of today is the response to teaching good science, particularly evolution, in schools.

The preponderance of evidence supporting evolution is so great that only folks with less then two brain cells to rub together debate its validity. They want intelligent design to be given equal footing. They want to adopt religion into science curriculum.

So in science class students would learn, (to paraphrase George Carlin) that there is a magic man in the sky who created mankind. He watches us 24 hours a day and has 10 special rules that we must follow. If we break one of those rules, he will send us to a place of eternal agony, pain, despair and hopelessness.

However, he loves us. He loves us and he needs money.

Now, let's get our big boy pants on and get on with the Common Core before our students fall even further behind the rest of the nation.

John Manzi

Little Oak Drive

Folly Beach

Tax assessment

What is with the county assessor's office keeping thousands of dollars from locals with the promise of a "refund"? In the past, applying for the residential property tax rate of 4 percent (versus 6 percent) merely consisted of filling out a form. Now, however, one has to furnish extensive documentation, including the submission of federal tax forms.

While this newer method was surely employed to cut down on folks cheating the system, the assessor's office has apparently not hired the necessary personnel to process all of the new paperwork.

In our case, we moved from a townhouse in West Ashley to a modest house in Wagener Terrace. We sent in all of the required documentation to receive the 4 percent tax rate at our residence; however, we were assessed at the 6 percent rate.

This means that we were assessed $4,000 more than we should owe. Every time we call the assessor's office to check on our application, we are told that we need to pay at the 6 percent rate and will be issued a refund if our application is "accepted."

What? We live in our house. We don't live anywhere else, so how can our application not be accepted? And furthermore, how is it our fault that the assessor's office cannot process these applications quickly enough?

Is four months not a fast enough turnaround time? And how are we assured that we will receive this so-called refund?

If we don't pay on time, we are then assessed a penalty for not paying for taxes that we do not owe. This is highway robbery. Typically people should be penalized if it is found that they are cheating the system.

Why are honest people being penalized and expected to come up with thousands of dollars more than they owe?

Andrea G. Lemajic

Petar Lemajic

Ashley Avenue


Just spin

It is both amusing and sad to consider the spin of Tony Keck, director of S.C. Department of Health and Human Services, on the recent Health Care Rankings from United Health Foundation. (The Post and Courier, Dec. 11) He clearly has perfected "governorspeak."

Our state moved from 44th to 43rd nationally, and Keck announced how impressed he was with our low health disparities between those citizens with high school degrees and those without.

Yes, Gov. Haley and Mr. Keck, and the stateroom accommodations on the Titanic were similar, too.

Cermette Clardy Jr.

Carolina Boulevard

Isle of Palms

Glaring omissions

On Christmas day a majority of the comic strip writers used their strip to present a seasonal message, or at least make note of this special day in some fashion.

A lump of coal should be presented to those who didn't make any mention of Christmas (gifts, Santa, peace, etc.)

David Jones

Camden Crossing