Vexing for vets

As a taxpayer and veteran I wonder what Congress will do next to show how obnoxious and wrong-headed it can be.

We have seen it make laws and decisions affecting all of us, then exempt its members. Why should they be exempt from Obamacare?

Now they have the audacity to cut the retirement income of military veterans. They should cut their own retirement and the size of their staff equal to the cuts they have placed on the military.

If they cut military retirement pay, then they should cut the retirement of every government worker - redistribution of sacrifice, akin to Obama's redistribution of wealth.

Noel Ison

Chamblee Road


Religious freedom

The writer of the Dec. 17 letter titled "Real meaning" is somewhat misinformed about the founding of our country. Yes, it was founded partly on religious freedom but not on Christianity, per se.

This country was founded on religious freedom because of persecution by the Church of England.

Our forefathers were tired of having a particular doctrine forced on all of the populace so they came to a new land to ensure all religions could practice freely without any one religious doctrine being forced on everyone.

Each religious group has the freedom to practice their religion and beliefs without interference from the government or other religions. This freedom is also extended to those who do not believe so that religion is not forced on non-believers.

I applaud the post office for respecting everyone's right to practice his own beliefs or non-beliefs by being neutral and embracing and respecting everyone. Ours is a country of immigrants, and it has ensured those who come the freedom to choose to practice a religion or not.

I, for one, embrace all good, caring and respectful people, whether they are Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, agnostic or atheist. We need to be a tolerant and caring country because that is really how this country was founded.

Happy Holidays to all.

Dean Jennings

Highland Park Avenue


I-526 needed

You recently published a letter from a James Island resident opposing I-526. This person doesn't see a need for the Mark Clark extension because she lives on part of the island unaffected by traffic that the James Island connector dumps onto Folly and Central Park roads.

At rush hour, traffic is backed up a quarter mile on the connector, and Central Park Road is a parking lot. There is no light at the intersection of Central Park Road and Riverland Drive, and it is not designed for the massive amounts of traffic coming off the connector and going over to Johns Island.

At the intersection of Riverland Drive and Maybank Highway, we have a turn lane for those going to Johns Island. Before the connector was built, we might have a couple of cars in that lane. Now, those turning left are the majority of the traffic, and those of us who live off Riverland Drive often have to wait until the Johns Island traffic moves up before we can move. This is five days a week.

We need I-526 finished. We get the blessings of having the connector finished every time we breeze downtown in five minutes instead of waiting in a big traffic pile-up to go over the Wappoo Bridge. Let those of us on the other side of the island enjoy some of those blessings also.

Gloria B. Jenkins

Stonewood Drive


Christmas angel

Sometimes God uses real people as angels. One of them was at the Summerville Dollar Tree Friday morning. A fine looking woman approached me and said, "Here, I want you to have this." This was a $25 gift card for Dollar Tree. I was uncharacteristically speechless except to say "thank you." She reminded me of the reason for the season, and lifted my spirits. I pray that her generosity is contagious.

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, Jesus.


Golf View Lane


Hillary support

Regarding the article "Gauging Hillary support in S.C." on the Dec. 16 front page. I have one question for Susan Smith and others supporting the group "Ready for Hillary."

What difference does it make?

Ron Karst

Evans Road


Good news

I recently attended a luncheon where Gov. Nikki Haley was the speaker. She started her talk by saying her No. 1 responsibility as governor was: "jobs, jobs, jobs." She mentioned that Boeing employs over 6,000 people in North Charleston and that 72 percent of them are native South Carolinians.

She also talked about support jobs that Boeing brings.

The governor bragged about Continental Tire making South Carolina the No. 1 tire maker in the World and said the only flat screen TVs made in America are made right here South Carolina.

She said Honda, a great company, makes all its ATVs in South Carolina. She listed about 10 other companies, which were either new or expanding, like BenefitFocus on Daniel Island or BMW in the Upstate. I think the entire room was uplifted.

I kept thinking that this was going to be a great article about how this governor has lived up to her promises.

I must have missed the article. I know The Post and Courier wouldn't miss an opportunity to say something positive about this governor.

Charlie Lybrand

Register of Mesne Conveyance

Cloudmont Drive


He's no Mandela

President Clinton rightly observed of Nelson Mandela: "When he could have had a one-party state and shut everybody else out, when he could have had the politics of resentment, he chose the politics of inclusion."

History will show that President Obama had the same opportunity, but chose the other option.

Moultrie Plowden

Wade Hampton Avenue


'Tilting point'

It is very important that this Affordable Health Care law crashes and burns. If it doesn't our economy will. Here is how this will play out if it flies.

Responsible people just will not sign up, because it is so ridiculously expensive. They will just pay the penalty yearly and either take care of their own medical needs, or they will just will not get the care they might want or actually need if insured.

In order to get the government health care "free," you will have to be unemployed, so the desperate and the irresponsible won't work.

The result will be massive unemployment, and those of us who do work will be taxed to the hilt.

However, there will quickly develop a tilting point where there just aren't enough of us responsible working folks to finance this fiasco socialist system, and the economy will crash just like all socialist systems have historically done.

Surely our level-headed representatives in Washington know all this. Therefore, we should strongly support them in their stand against this nightmare and get a health care reform that actually works. The conservative Republicans have it laid out, but they need the control of both the House and the Senate to get the present law repealed and the working system implemented that will benefit everyone.


Pimpernel Street


Gift of music

What a Christmas gift of beautiful dance and music to Charleston - three magical performances at the School of the Arts auditorium in North Charleston, a jewel of a location for gifted performances including Hans Christian Anderson's tale. I worried about the ending, but the stage production ended on a high note even though the tale is rather bleak.

Thank you, dancers and musicians, for a priceless Christmas gift.

Martha Barkley

Frank Barkley

Shadowcreek Court