South Carolina's drivers may be among the worst in the nation, but they are probably less profanely expressive about road rage. And nicer about letting others into traffic.

A survey by Marchex, an advertising company that specializes in technology, ranked South Carolina No. 1 for courteousness.

No surprise there, and hey, Marchex, thanks for noticing!

And while the exact rankings weren't available, the Palmetto State didn't make Marchex's top tier for profanity.

Ohio ranked worst, based on the recorded contents of 600,000 customer service calls reviewed by the company. It was followed in order by Maryland, New Jersey, Louisiana and Illinois. The best behaved, verbally, were Washington state, Massachusetts, Arizona, Texas and Virginia. Yes, Massachusetts - isn't that the state with Boston?

And while these two Marchex surveys might well be taken with a grain of salt, they are a pleasant departure from this week's dismal rating of South Carolina's dangerous drivers.

South Carolina ranked near the bottom nationally for driving under the influence, careless and reckless driving, and highway fatalities.

That survey was made by the website, based on data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the National Motorists Association, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving. So there's probably something to it.

Those findings are a recommendation for better enforcement, a statewide prohibition on texting while driving, and a stronger driver's ed program for teens.

Back to those foul-mouthed Buckeyes: Let's hope they can somehow keep civil tongues in their heads on Jan. 3 if Ohio State loses to Clemson in the Orange Bowl.