A man accused of making methamphetamines on the rooftop of a College of Charleston building was arrested by State Law Enforcement Division agents on Monday.

Justin Allan Paulus, 25, of Charleston, was charged with manufacturing methamphetamine. Paulus was never a student at the college, according to spokesman Mike Robertson.

On Nov. 27, police found meth-making items on the roof of a campus building on George Street. They also found a sleeping bag and personal items, including mail addressed to Paulus, according to an affidavit.

Police later saw Paulus standing on the roof in the area where the meth lab had been discovered, the warrant stated. Paulus was then arrested and charged with trespassing by the school's Department of Public Safety.

SLED obtained surveillance video from a pharmacy a few blocks away from the meth lab, where Paulus was seen buying pseudoephedrine, a medicine used to cook meth, according to the warrant.

Authorities found the meth lab after George Street Apartments' housing officials received a call around 1 a.m. from a CVS employee complaining of water dripping into the store from the upperclassmen dorm above them, according to Robertson.

A search for the leak led to the discovery of two one-liter bottles on the roof.

Robertson said the bottles contained a suspicious liquid substance and Public Safety officers with the school were notified.

According to Robertson, a nearby parking garage could grant anyone access to the area where the materials were found.

Robertson said the dorm was fairly empty as most students had already left for Thanksgiving break.