Charleston County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $200,000 or more and recorded between Nov. 18-22.


The Ryland Group Inc. sold 3766 Tupelo Church Lane, Tupelo Plantation to Thomas J. and Melissa B. Hortman for $253,286.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 1424 Oldenburg Drive, Tupelo Plantation to Joshua L. and Sarah T. Myers for $295,098.


Carolina-Coming Street Partners LLC sold 290 Coming St. to Jeffrey W. Odom for $377,000.

Franklin McMeekin Clyburn sold 263 Rutledge Ave. to Lucas P. Morrison and Chris Leigh-Jones for $280,000.

James B. and Susan S. Neligan sold 37 Percy St. to Elmerina A. Brooks for $365,000.

Lynn C. Chiappone sold 769 Meeting St. to Stephen L. Clipp for $232,000

Violet Williamson and J. Robert Foster sold 27 Tradd St. to Gregory D. and Nancy Miller for $1.3 million.


John C. Mitchell Jr. sold 5445 5th Fairway Drive, Ironwood to Philip A. and Andrea C. Savana for $243,000.

Philip A. and Andrea C. Savana sold 4765 Stono Links Drive, The Plantation at Stono Ferry to Alexis K. and Peter R. Swan for $387,000.

Isle of Palms

Steven and Lisa K. Frick sold 42 Twin Oaks Lane, Beachwood to C. Ashley and Christy M. Heaton for $575,000.

Larry D. and Anne N. Linville sold Unit 201, 1116 Ocean Blvd., Oceanview Condominiums to Benjamin R. Farmery for $579,900.

Donald S. Moody sold 21 31st Ave. to Marc W. and Mamon M. Raber for $1.1 million.

Rebecca C. Wrinn sold 73 Fairway Dunes Lane, Wild Dunes to Allison and Roger Hunt for $702,500.

Richard W. and Darlene B. Hagy sold 134 Grand Pavilion Blvd. Wild Dunes to Ferro Dunes Property LLC for $1.2 million.

James Island

Branch Banking and Trust Co. sold 707 Ritter Drive, Dellwood to David and Ann Pawlicki for $221,392.

Cheryl H. Stringer sold 753 Folly Road, Pecan Grove to Stringer Law Firm LLC for $290,000.

Julie Baugh and Alex Voelker sold 1150 Clearspring Drive, Ocean Neighbors to Adam M. and Stacy W. Mack for $311,000.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 986 Clearspring Drive, Ocean Neighbors to Brandon C. and Ashley N. Austin for $349,897.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 1006 Clearspring Drive, Ocean Neighbors to Perry B. Whittington IV and Erin G. Whittington for $355,520.

Penelope L. Stevens sold 911 Travers Drive, Whitehurst to Brent and Samantha L. Bannon for $295,000.

Robert and Janine P. Marthai sold 2044 Wappoo Hall Road, Wappoo Hall to Raymond D. Turner IV for $730,000.

Johns Island

Christine R. Warnquist sold 5068 Coral Reef Drive, The Villages at St. John's Woods to Judith M. Speights for $425,100.

DR Horton Inc. sold 1144 St. Pauls Parrish Lane, The Commons at Fenwick Hall to Robert Greenwood for $234,835.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 1805 Towne St., The Cottages at John's River Creek to Sandra Simmons Evans for $202,962.

Roy E. Noble Jr. and Nancy J. Noble sold 4053 East Amy Lane, The Villages of St. John's Woods to John W. and Dorothy K. Lageman for $327,500.

William R. and Meghan B. Porter sold 2042 Cedar Springs Lane, Cedar Hills to Patricia B. Porter for $250,000.

Kiawah Island

J.P. Capital LLC sold 4737 Tennis Club Lane, Tennis Club Villas to Donald M. and Anne M. Knapke for $425,000.

David W. and Laura D. Rowan sold 4978 Green Dolphin Way, Turtle Point Villas to David and Deborah Richmand for $540,000.

George D. and Suzanne R. Riedel sold 4360 Sea Forest Drive, Windswept Villas to PPK LLC for $725,000.

Family First Real Estate Co. sold 1 Eugenia Ave. to Swan Properties LLC for $4.4 million.

Mount Pleasant/ East Cooper

Patricia Ann Tyner sold Unit D, 1551 Simmons Pointe to Robert B. and Anne D. Ostrom for $340,000.

Charles S. Cianciolo sold 802 Balgrove Court, The Retreat at Charleston National Country Club to Michael D. and Kimberly A. Werner for $235,000.

Robert C. McClure sold 1302 Hopeman Lane, The Retreat at Charleston National Country Club to John L. Davy for $265,000.

JTB Family LP sold Unit 117, 1665 Marsh Harbor Lane, Toler's Cove to William R. and Dianne Landis for $398,000.

Angel Oak Development LLC sold 3651 Purple Martin Court, Somerset Oaks to Crescent Homes SC LLC for $277,500.

Anne C. Abbott sold 284 North Hobcaw Drive, Hobcaw Point to Donald L. Ferguson for $720,000.

Anthony C. and Julie B. Wescott sold 3457 Mulligan Drive, Westchester at Charleston National to Kathleen H. and Wesley S. Melvin for $258,000.

Brannon S. and Tracy L. Edney sold 1823 Hall Point Road, Pembroke at Park West to Andrea J. and Theodore J. Friesner for $450,000.

Carolina Park Development LLC sold 3691 Codorus Court, Carolina Park to Cline Construction LLC for $285,000.

Charles N. Harkey Jr. and Janice C. Harkey sold 1544 Sea Palms Crescent, Marais at Seaside Farms to Mary T.L. Bannon for $350,000.

Christopher J. and Danielle M. Zorn sold 1564 Wickfield Court, Cooper's Landing to Ausby Steven Tyler Jr. for $275,000.

Clare M. Heslin sold 315 Mallard Court, Sandpiper Point to Jackie B. Lanier for $250,000.

Clark J. and Leigh B. Mills sold 2061 Arundel Place, Longpoint to Geraldine Lipps for $295,000.

Connie W. Leverett sold 1145 Willoughby Lane, Churchill Park to Maxwell King and Allison M. Baker for $255,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 2080 Promenade Court, Kingsbridge at Park West to Heather N. Spencer for $253,930.

David W. Thompson and Wendy Michelle Helvey sold 2799 Seastrand Lane, The Colonnade at Brickyard Plantation to David M. and Leah F. Surles for $362,500.

Donald J. and Frances T. Coleman sold 1477 Pine Island View, Oakhaven Plantation to Jeremy C. and Michaele E. Frampton for $385,000.

Elizabeth H. Huey sold 985 Lakeview Drive, The Groves to Todd R. Tyler for $420,000.

George W. and Mary W. Nickas sold 608 Julep Drive, Belle Hall Plantation to Lauri M. Morrow for $260,000.

Gerald T. and Deborah L. McCully sold 2156 Summerwood Drive, Thornewood to James C. and Stacia M. Ballew for $325,000.

Jason and Kathryn E. Nichols sold 1453 Barbara St., Marjudo to Andrew S. and Elisabeth B. Maham for $322,000.

Jeffrey J. and Christine E. Bobby sold 2164 Tall Grass Circle, Whispering Marsh to Mark Estebo and Candace M. Collins for $415,000.

Joanne S. Finnegan Altman sold 1131 Astor Drive, Snee Farm Gardens to Daniel K. Robertson for $203,000.

Kevin S. and Kathleen H. Gorman sold 764 Wakendaw Blvd., Wakendaw Lakes to Paris S. and Andrea M. Greer for $422,000.

Leah F. Surles sold 375 Evian Way, Belle Hall Plantation to Daniel L. Winters Jr. and Anna D. Winters for $647,000.

Leah S. Willis sold 637 Hobcaw Bluff Drive, Hobcaw Creek Plantation to Barrett R. and Jessica M. Brewer for $475,300.

Matthew B. and Karen W. Yeates sold 2776 Carolina Isle Drive, Carolina Isle at Rivertowne Country Club to Linda D. and Bill Travis for $500,000.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 1420 Scotts Creek Circle, Scotts Creek to Constance Guille and Luca Paoletti for $798,425.

Reid and Heather Spencer sold 2623 River Bluff Lane, River Bluff to Peter R. Calandra Jr. and Amy J. Calandra for $387,500.

Rodney W. and Angela Ping sold 2730 Seastrand Lane, The Colonnade at Brickyard Plantation to Christopher and Nicole Johnson for $382,000.

Sarah E. Frey sold 606 Portico Park, Belle Hall Plantation to Thomas R. Arnette Jr. for $270,000.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 1447 Crane Creek Drive, Egrets Walk at Carolina Park to Dana R. and Glen A. Frazeur for $385,820.

Theodore and Andrea Friesner sold 1833 Hubbell Drive, The Village at Park West to Noel A. and Meredith L. Warfel for $275,000.

Timothy A. and Erica Hoppenrath sold 2593 Palmetto Hall Blvd., Palmetto Hall at Dunes West to Jeremy W. Moore and Barbara M. Gregg for $253,550.

Wendy Hernace sold 1301 Ventura Place, Ventura Villas to Leah S. Willis for $243,450.

North Charleston

Marion B. Birt sold 4119 S Rhett Ave. to City of North Charleston for $800,000.

Joseph L. and Kelli K. Rawls sold 5054 Draper St. to Braxton S. and Shelly G. Norvell for $206,000.

Zambia Greene sold 4501 Dorsey Ave. to William Harold Vandross for $350,000.

Seabrook Island

Mary W. Hopkins sold 2233 Oyster Catcher Court, North Beach to Wallace M. and Lori A. Kyle for $782,500.

Sullivan's Island

Frederick F. Adams III sold 2114 Atlantic Ave. to Charlotte Suzanne Artus for $2 million.

Gerald A. Kaynard sold 424 Patriot St. to Kimberly Sue Speros for $1.3 million.

West Ashley/ St. Andrews

Brian K. and Stephanie S. Wilkinson sold 4009 Alpheretta Court, Sweetbay to Ann M. Shafer-Schmidt for $250,000.

Bryan A. Peterson sold 3134 Cold Harbor Way, Rice Field of Carolina Bay to Marianne W. Weldon for $215,000.

Centex Homes sold 2007 Gammon St., Creekside of Carolina Bay to Nir Arbiv for $267,825.

Centex Homes sold 1533 Pixley St., Cypress of Carolina Bay to Paul L. and Diane M. Tumminia for $278,515.

Centex Homes sold 1550 Pixley St., Cypress of Carolina Bay to Michael J. and Nancy E. Scott for $326,915.

Centex Homes sold 1711 Indaba Way, Rice Field of Carolina Bay to David C. and Brandie N. Sheffer for $223,563.

Centex Homes sold 1755 Indaba Way, Rice Field of Carolina Bay to James M. Riley II and Rachel L. Riley for $239,190.

David J. and Anne H. Barabas sold 113 Norview Drive to Faye H. Gooding for $281,000.

Edward S. Allison sold 8 New Town Lane, The Crescent to Edward H. and Alicia R. Boyd for $740,000.

Elisheva Frankel and Jane Nussbaum Douglas sold 1885 Paddy Place, Rice Hollow to Jonathan and Sandra B. Heinen for $215,000.

Frances R. Frampton sold 527 Elizabeth Lane West, Moreland to Michael T. Pruitt for $362,000.

Miriam F. Fisk sold 1640 Canty Lane to Joseph Christopher Leonard Jr. and Emily Brown for $200,000.

Berkeley County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $200,000 or more and recorded between Nov. 4-8.


Crescent Homes LLC sold 445 Nelliefield Trail, Nelliefield Plantation to David H. and Anne K. Morbitzer for $275,762.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 545 Nelliefield Trail, Nelliefield Plantation to Karen A. Quinn for $251,945.

Daniel Island

125 Pier View LP sold Unit 309, 145 Pier View St. to Theodora Finnerty for $485,000.

Daniel Island Assoc. LLC sold 1520 Wando View St., Old Landing at Smythe Park to Bradley D. and Lori A. Elmenhurst for $880,000.

Robert E. Freer sold 1612 Bulline St. to Brett and Tabitha Ehman for $515,000.

Goose Creek

Elizabeth L. and Leanne Welling sold 105 Guildford Drive, Bedford Chase to Stanislawa Ciborowski for $220,000.

Frederic A. and Audra G. Albridge sold 116 Dasharon Lane, Hamlets to Bradley K. Levander for $266,800.


Ryland Group Inc. sold 8006 Hydrangea Lane, Tanner Plantation to David T. and Kendra Nangle for $289,058.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 1956 Wild Indigo Way, Tanner Plantation to Judy D. and Lon H. Watson for $320,453.

Moncks Corner

Brenda L. and Joe Guerin Pieper sold 218 West Main St. to James N. and Amanda D. Law for $267,250.

Christopher C. and Kristy E. Martin sold 1703 Trout St. to Charles E. and Jennifer Nicole Baker for $252,000.

Daniel L. and Evaline T. Harbin sold 106 Nicholas Road, Roosevelt Estates to Robert A. and Morgan M. Glass for $230,000.

James Brent Stone and Nena Stone sold 1415 Sterling Oaks Drive, Sterling Oaks to Ervin E. and Judy L. Strickland for $272,000.

Pinopolis Park Development LLC sold 309 Pinopolis Park Drive, Pinopolis Park on the Lake to Marty Allen Lee for $216,900.


Eastwood Construction LLC sold 700 Quintan St., Saint Thomas Park to Joshua K. and Natalie Woodall for $286,865.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 535 Sea Foam St., Cane Bay to Edward G. and Vivian M. McCormack for $200,140.

Dorchester County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $200,000 or more and recorded between Nov. 4-8.


Gary J. and Lisa D. Brown sold 130 Sweet Alyssum Drive, Summer Park to Francisco R. and April L. Ramirez for $207,500.

Centex Homes sold 4800 Pitkin Ave., McKewn Plantation to Esaw and Yolanda Jenkins for $207,265.

North Charleston

A. Mark and Gail Buehl sold 8641 Refuge Point Circle, Refuge at Whitehall to Alan D. and Patricia A. Stemple for $430,000.

Fannie Mae sold 8658 West Fairway Woods Drive, Coosaw Creek Country Club to Gina A. Maurer for $336,100.

Great Western Bank sold 4161 Club Course Drive, Coosaw Creek Country Club to Ronald A. and Kathy A. Howlier for $415,000.

Jerry D. Meyer sold 8561 Sentry Circle, Indigo Palms to Stephen M. Johnson for $242,000.


Luvon M. and Eugene L. Hudson sold 2057 Briar Bend Road, Winterseat to Donald O. and Debora C. Montgomery for $410,000.


Bryant and Cheryl Kohut sold 132 Pavilion St., Reminisce to Bradley O. Wellman and Melissa K. Wellman for $220,000.

Christopher and Anita Anderson sold 101 Cottage Path Lane, Legend Oaks Plantation to Brandon Russell and Ansley Stewart Wilson for $270,000.

Christopher M. Hannon sold 9277 Markleys Grove Blvd., Wescott Plantation to Dwayne E. Morgan for $235,000.

D. Scott and Melanie G. Byrd sold 313 South Magnolia St. to Peter M. and Carolyn R. Gorman for $398,000.

Debbie J. Miler sold 303 Renau Blvd., Linkside Village to Kimberly L. Finkelstein for $257,500.

DR Horton Inc. sold 123 Lotz Drive, The Ponds to James D. Ellison for $333,520.

DR Horton Inc. sold 100 Comiskey Park Circle, Fieldview to James R. and Shelagh V. Repasch for $260,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 118 Comiskey Park Circle, Fieldview to Steven E. Wiles and Julianne J. Dicicco Wiles for $295,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 240 Comiskey Park Circle, Fieldview to Jesse M. and Jamie L. Carroll for $285,522.

John and Jean Gilmore sold 578 West Butternut Road to Paul and Derin A. Gemignani for $425,000.

Laura E. Koniver sold 109 Rhetts Way, Boyle Plantation to Dennis E. and Tammy S. Ayers for $425,000.

Margaret Y. Mickalis sold 115 High Meadow Farms Road, High Meadow Farms to Daniel Gignac for $299,000.

Marie Miller sold 601 Leaning Pin Court, Legend Oaks Plantation to Daniel E. and Lynne E. Gottleib for $220,000.

Robert F. and Karen M. Webster sold 202 South Hickory St., Hickory to Betsy M. Williams and Charles P. Kriese for $700,000.

Sabal Homes at Branch Creek LLC sold 431 Brick Kiln Drive, Branch Creek to Kathleen A. Laflen for $257,148.

Shannon L. and James L. Harper sold 258 Carolinian Drive, Legend Oaks Plantation to Thomas J. and Jessica M. Altamuro for $251,750.

Steven M. and Nickie L. Garbeil sold 329 Scotch Range Road to Curt J. and Ivy C. Howard for $372,500.

Tidelands Bank sold 331 Ayers Drive, Salisbury Acres to Bobby Andrew Etheredge for $309,000.