Another former camper says he was abused at The Citadel's now-defunct summer camp and is suing the military college.

According to documents filed in federal court this week, the camper who is now 25, has accused the college of being aware that Marine Capt. Michael Arpaio was abusing children at the camp in the mid-1990s but doing nothing to stop it. The camper alleges he was abused 21 times between 1995 and 2001.

Georgetown attorney Ed Bell, who is representing the camper, could not be reached for comment Friday.

Bell also is representing another former camper who claims he was abused by Arpaio. And he represented five Arpaio victims who settled with the school in 2006.

The Citadel paid out $3.8 million to settle those claims resulting from Arpaio's sexual abuse of boys at the camp.

The lawsuit filed this week names The Citadel and Arpaio, as well as John G. Lackey III, Maj. William Bates III, Jennifer Garrott and Robert J. Lyons. Lackey, Bates, Garrott and Lyons were employed by the The Citadel and worked at the camp.

Citadel attorney Dawes Cooke said the lawsuit represents a procedural step in a case that's been moving forward for the past 18 months. The military college plans to defend the case in the same way it is defending the other Arpaio lawsuit filed in 2011, he said. It will either prepare to try the case or resolve it in some other way. "It's the last Arpaio case that we're aware of," Cooke said.

In 2003, Arpaio, then 29, pleaded guilty in military court to charges ranging from indecent assault to providing alcohol to minors. He was sentenced during a court-martial to 10 years of confinement, suspended to 15 months at the Navy brig in Hanahan, authorities said.

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