If you're just passing through Hanahan in your 18-wheeler, city officials want you to quit doing that.

City Council on Tuesday gave initial approval to a law that would ban tractor trailers cutting through the city on Murray Drive, one of the city's main thoroughfares.

"If you follow them, which I do, they come off Remount, all the way up and they cross over Hanahan Road," said Police Chief Mike Cochran. "They are not conducting any commerce in the city. It just adds to our traffic congestion."

Traffic is one of the major issues facing residents of the city, which straddles the southern end of the Goose Creek Reservoir. Traffic also played a part in council's denial this week of a rezoning request for a new school in the Tanner Plantation area.

Cochran also said many trucks turn right from Remount Road onto Murray, a tight turn that often requires vehicles waiting to turn from Murray to Remount to back up so the trucks can pass.

"It's just kind of a common-sense approach," Cochran said. "The interstate and 4-lane and 6-lane roads (such as North Rhett and Rivers avenues) are all meant for commercial motor vehicles. Murray Drive is not."

Several residents have complained about the trucks to the city and South Carolina Department of Transportation, Cochran said.

The ordinance could be finalized in January, then the city would make the request to DOT to conduct a study and put up signs restricting trucks. It would take several months for the ordinance to go into effect.

"We don't have anything on it yet, but we usually try to do what the municipalities want us to do," said DOT spokesman James Law.

Several years ago the city put a similar restriction on a residential portion of Yeamans Hall Road that connects North Rhett Avenue and Remount Road.

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