Speak out now

I am extremely disappointed to read about the possible closing of the commissaries.

How is it that this has been allowed to even become a consideration?

Once again it is apparent that those who risked their lives for this nation are being used to balance the budget. They spend years receiving paychecks far less than those doing a comparable job in the civilian sector.

We now receive retirement and disability checks that are far less than what they should be for the sacrifices made.

Those who have been elected to protect our benefits receive annual pay raises like clockwork, and their pay did not stop when the shutdown occurred.

How can they sit by and allow this abomination to happen?

I strongly encourage those who are affected by this or who care anything at all about those who defend your way of life and your right to choose to contact your elected officials.

It is easy - our congressmen can be emailed in about 15 minutes.

Tim Hibbs

Master Chief, U.S. Navy


Malori Lane


An earned benefit

A perk is defined as "a benefit to which one is entitled."

Am I entitled to that benefit because I served my country?

What about those people who did not serve?

What benefit do they procure?

Can someone tell me how this president, Congress and Secretary of Defense support our military (and by our military I mean those active duty, reserves and retired)?

Can someone tell me how this cost cut benefits our budget when the higher-ups continue to pocket their money?

Do they shop at the local commissaries?

I have never seen an executive shopping.

However, a few weeks ago Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel did say that the commissaries needed to remain open for morale proposes.

Close the commissaries; in fact, close all the bases stateside.

Why not?

But what happens when you close everything and people leave the area?

I really hope the politicians can look themselves in the mirror and find an ounce of self-respect.

The scary thing is that most voters will probably forget all this by the time the next election comes around.

Rochelle R. Johnson

U.S. Navy (Retired)

McClain Street

Goose Creek