Good health care

I, like so many before me, had various symptoms, none that alerted me to a heart problem. The burning was surely reflux that was helped by over-the-counter Zantac and Tums. The shortness of breath, along with that dry cough, most likely caused by a cold or a bit of pneumonia.

After several days I went to Palmetto Primary Care to see about my shortness of breath. The doctor did an EKG, which showed that I was having a heart attack. He sent me straight to the emergency room at Trident Hospital.

Dr. Saunders, cardiologist on call, met me at the entrance and asked if I had a cardiologist. I opted for his services. In minutes I was being worked on with that long line inserted in my artery.

In less than two hours from the time I went into Palmetto Primary Care, I was in that room of curtains, called the recovery room, talking to my son. There was a stent put in the blocked artery, but I felt like I could go sort wildcats, better than I had been feeling for several weeks.

Any of you who would vote for politicians, who do not know a scalpel from a meat cleaver, to change our health care system, please take my story to heart. Search for any place in the world where it might be better.

In 15 months I will be 80 years old. In our proposed new system I would still be trying to convince some government clerk to grant the expense for my procedure.

We live in the land of brilliant doctors and beautiful nurses. Please do not change it.

Robert Nobbs

Pheasant Lane


Overheated edit

Your Dec. 6 editorial warning of the dire consequences of global warming ignores the facts.

1) There has been no rise in global temperatures during the past 15 years.

2) The Antarctic ice level is at an all-time high.

3) Glaciers are not melting.

Despite all these facts,you continue to alarm your readers with forecasts from "weather experts" who have been proven wrong time and time again. These same "experts" forecast global cooling in the '80s.

The editor who wrote this scary scenario should educate himself on the facts, rather than parrot an agenda that has little basis in science.

Finbar O'Reilly

Clearview Drive


The war is over

Like Professor Joe Kelly, I was surprised that The Post and Courier printed the op-ed from Kirkpatrick Sale questioning the veracity of the Lincoln Gettysburg Address. When I read it I blinked and looked around. I needed to determine if I had somehow gone back in time to a different era.

Mr. Sale's view of this country is not the one I've been living in for the past 50-plus years.

Another letter praised Mr. Sale's op-ed, citing it as factual, scholarly and interesting. I doubt the factual and question the scholarly, but I must confess I found it interesting.

People of Mr. Sale's mindset are psychologically still fighting the Civil War. They seem to long for the days when they were lords of the manor, reigning over people with no power or voice, deprived of privacy and subject to the worst kind of shame and humiliation; and worst of all, denied any opportunity to achieve anything that promotes self-worth.

Those days are gone forever. Mr. Sale and all who think like him need to just get over it. There is nothing they can do to resurrect the past or change the promising future.

Bonnie Leazer

Certificate Court


An honest woman

What a nice story in the Nov. 28 Post and Courier about the Goodwill Industries employee who found nearly $2,000 in a box donated to Goodwill and turned it in to her boss. It's nice to know there are people like this in the world.

According to the article, the doctor who made the donation "didn't even remember losing the deposit." And all he thought was appropriate to give this dedicated employee was $40, which she then donated to the Angel Tree?

It's probably a good thing that Goodwill requested his name not be used. If I were this doctor, I wouldn't want my name used either.

Lynn Staudt

Dunbury Drive


Fumbled English

If primary and secondary schools can't teach English, our colleges must do it. Consider the comments from football players from Clemson and USC in the Dec. 1 Post-Courier: "Me and the corner blew the coverage." "There's a lot of chemistry between me and [name]." "Me and [name] wanted to come out ..." "Me and him have a close relationship."

If they can't learn English, maybe the press should not quote them. I am a dyed-in-the-wool, all-orange Clemson grad. Fortunately, good teachers taught me English in the public schools of Charleston over 70 years ago.

T.E. Thornhill

Fairway Drive


Left and right

One of area's esteemed legal scholars commented in the Dec. 1 edition that "low information voters" should not receive their news from one source. He then proceeded to list a number of right-leaning commentators, including Limbaugh, Hannity, etc.

I have a surprise for him. As one of his described "low information voters," I happen to enjoy reading the muses of the left political spectrum such as The New York Times and Paul Krugman, and then I make my own informed decisions.

It is amazing the difference in "facts" one can observe.

How many government personnel, including State Department and CIA, survived the Benghazi attack? You won't find the answer from right-leaning commentators because the government is stonewalling. More importantly, the left media don't even ask the question.


Privateer Creek Road

Johns Island

Save Legare Farms

Recent Greenbelt program articles in The Post and Courier by Brian Hicks, Colin Cuskley and others have addressed benefits that Lowcountry area residents derive from Legare Farms' product sales, entertainment, educational training, Civil War battle re-enactments and various other events occurring on their 314-acre farm

Some acreage is now threatened by a bank mortgage with potential sell-off to a developer for conversion of its waterfront property into a marina, a golf course and up to 400 new homes.

Acreage loss to farming would be significant as the farm provides many services to Charleston's Lowcountry residents.

The losses could be totally averted via Charleston County Council approval of a $900,000 allocation from the Greenbelt Program that would put the entire farm into a conservation easement as has repeatedly been done in other areas of South Carolina.

It is my opinion that hundreds of Lowcountry citizens would happily support the Greenbelt payment to put Legare Farms under a permanent conservation easement.

J.R. Stowe

Winchester Drive


Nix I-526

I just wanted to thank you and "right on" to the wonderful editorial that was in the Dec. 5 paper. We the residents of James and Johns Islands do not want or need I-526 on our islands.

The money should be spent in fixing the existing roads and improving mass transit.

Carol Dotterer

Robert E. Lee Drive


Illegal guns

The recent Post and Courier article titled "Ways to stop gun violence discussed" was most definitely on the mark.

Abdullah Muhammad's comments about illegal firearm possession should be taken most seriously by S.C. legislators. If someone is found to be in possession of an unregistered illegal firearm (whatever the circumstances), he should be given an automatic (and non-negotiable) five-year prison sentence.

Jonathan E. Walker

Coral Reef Drive

Johns Island