A Walterboro man who was accused in May of stealing a fuel tanker from a National Guard base to drain off the gasoline has been arrested in Virginia, this time accused of driving a tractor-trailer without a license and killing a woman.

Clarence E. Risher, 42, of Risher Mountain Road, is being held without bail in the Henrico County jail on charges of operation of a commercial vehicle without a license, driving recklessly in a fatal crash and driving a commercial vehicle with alcohol inside the vehicle.

Risher was arrested after a tractor-trailer that he was driving ran into a car the day before Thanksgiving, killing 60-year-old day-care teacher Karen Ann Whitaker, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

After his previous arrest, Colleton County investigators said Risher drove an M969A1 fuel tanker with 3,600 gallons of fuel off the National Guard base near Walterboro during the last week of April, drained it and returned it nearly empty.

A search led to his house, where more than 2,600 gallons of fuel were recovered, according to the Sheriff’s Office. Risher was charged with grand larceny over $10,000 and let out of jail on $14,000 bail.

Risher wasn’t legally supposed to be driving when he wrecked the truck in Virginia. His record includes several charges of driving under suspension, the last one in February. It was not known why he was driving the truck in Virginia.

After the fatal wreck, police searched the truck and found methamphetamine in a hidden compartment, according to the newspaper. A female passenger, Tiffany Gabrielle Blair, 24, also of Walterboro, was charged with possession of meth. Blair was arrested near Walterboro in January after deputies said they found a mobile meth lab in a car after a traffic stop. She was also being held in the Henrico County jail without bail Thursday.

George Hiers also was riding in the truck at the time of the wreck, according to the newspaper. Hiers, 42, also of Walterboro, was arrested twice last year on charges of making meth. He was not charged after the wreck in Virginia.

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