Golfing ‘lesson’

A few weeks ago I played nine holes of golf at daybreak with Bishop David Thompson. I asked him if golfers would play better in Heaven.

The good bishop answered with a wide smile, “God makes everything perfect on his hometown links, so that every shot can be executed expertly and would always score as a hole-in-one.”

In jest, I mused that God would not want to make the challenge of golf so predictable.

“Yes, I suppose God would devise something different for avid golfers,” he countered. “For the good golfers, the course would be hard and a test of real skill. For the bad golfers it would be easy with a dash of good luck. After all, there should be some promising future benefit in store for the lifelong perseverance of bad golfer.”

This warm and brilliant man of God passed away on Nov. 24. He sewed this community together by his timeless wisdom, genuine friendship, and magical humor.

We will miss him. God is sure to give him the early tee time.

W. Thomas McQueeney

Mazzy Lane

Mount Pleasant

Donor worthy

As you plan your end-of-the-year giving, do not forget our Charleston County public libraries. They have an impressive number of new titles on hand, ready for readers to pick up. I was able to check out a book and read about Magnolia Plantation, then visit it the next day. I was even able to meet some of the people I had just read about.

Giving in December to our wonderful local museums would be another good option. The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art photos on loan to our Gibbes Museum are worth a day’s view. Do not forget the permanent Civil War room on the first floor of the Gibbes. Also the Charleston Museum highlights Civil War battles of 1863 during this Sesquicentennial.

Libraries and museums offer much in our area. Do not forget to support them by your attendance and December giving.

Martha F. Barkley

Shadowcreek Court


Consider sources

A recent letter in The Post and Courier stated that “low-information voters need to spend less time spreading racially charged gossip and more time educating themselves by reading and listening to more than one source of news before making their own decisions rather than blindly following the crowd in their neighborhoods.”

This was obviously directed to a certain voter population with whom the letter writer disagrees politically. The paradox is that this same observation applies equally to low-information voters who read and listen exclusively to another source of “news,” the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, Lowry, Fox, Beck, Thomas, Greenberg, Krauthammer, Rove and Palin, and then blindly follow that crowd in their chronic campaign of negativism, much of which is racially charged gossip.

A. Elliott Barrow, Jr.

Barrow Law Firm

Chuck Dawley Boulevard

Mount Pleasant


Since the sale of Coburg to Borden, something disturbing has happened. While Elsie (the Borden mascot) has her own Facebook page and travels around the country, it seems that our beloved West Ashley Bessie has been badly neglected. The changing of her outfits to mark the seasons is a tradition that kids and grown-ups alike adore.

Immediately after the sale, there were half-hearted attempts at dressing her, but they have all but stopped. By Easter, she was missing her bonnet. By Halloween, there was nothing — no cape or witch hat. Thanksgiving was skipped too. No Pilgrim hat or cape for you, Bessie, though Elsie is posting witty Facebook accounts of her fame.

In an effort to be festive, they prematurely put up the eggnog carton though we all know that it should only appear post-Thanksgiving, along with the Santa suit and wreath around her neck. What gives?

Laura Evans

Timmerman Drive


Wrong flag

As a retired tugboat captain of 40 years, I was surprised to see the Liberian flag flying over the U.S. flag on Nov. 16 on the bulk carrier Prospectus as it sailed out of Charleston harbor at 1 p.m.

No foreign flag should fly above the U.S. flag in its waters. I’m surprised the pilots didn’t protest.

John Hennessey

Captain (Retired)

Basswood Avenue


Honor deserved

I could not agree more with Rep. Stavrinakis that Mary Schweers was snubbed for the Order of the Palmetto. If anyone this year deserves it, it is Ms. Schweers.

Her courage in confronting a woman with a gun outside of Ashley Hall School is astounding. She knew she could possibly never see her family again. But, she chose to step in and protect students, teachers, local medical personnel strolling down the street, parents and possibly a future governor.

This action needs to be rectified immediately with an invitation to the house on the hill in Columbia, which our tax dollars pay for, and a presentation of an award that she deserves.

I received the Order of the Palmetto in 1997 and am proud of it to this day, and I didn’t have to look down the barrel of a gun held by a mentally disturbed person to earn it.

Sandi Engelman

Julia Street