North Charleston is poised to sell a large parking lot the city owns along East Montague Avenue to the restaurant group that owns Sesame, netting a tidy profit for the city, which currently leases the lot to Sesame.

North Charleston bought the vacant property at Spruill and East Montague avenues in 2008 for $85,000, and has tentatively agreed to sell it to the restaurant group for the appraised value of $157,000.

The city had been collecting $200 a month in rent, and paying taxes on the lot.

“I think their ultimate goal is to build a new building, then tear their old building down and use that (land) for parking,” Mayor Keith Summey told City Council members at a committee meeting, where the deal was recommended for approval.

Casey Glowacki, a partner in the group that owns Sesame Burgers & Beer and Five Loaves Cafe, said there are no short-term plans to demolish the Sesame restaurant on Spruill Avenue, but he does have a long-term concept for what is now the parking lot.

“It’s a dream. It could be a reality,” he said. “Our grand plan would be to have a really nice, two-level Sesame that resembles an historic train depot.”

In the short term, Glowacki said the restaurant wants the security of owning the parking lot.

“The parking is absolutely crucial to our business,” he said.

Also, Glowacki said Sesame is about to undergo renovations, so there are no plans to demolish the building any time soon.

“I’m not going to turn around an bulldoze the building after putting $100,000 into it,” he said.

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