Wrong standard

The federal government has taken over our health care system. Now, it is targeting our educational system via the U.S. Department of Education and Common Core state standards. Education is the province of the state and local governments.

Common Core is not a mere tweaking of our educational system. It is a top-to-bottom, fundamental transformation of it. If this were an earthquake, it would probably register a 7.5 or higher on the Richter scale.

It was slipped in under the radar. Parents were informed after the fact that it was a done deal and were told to just accept it. It would be the greatest thing since indoor plumbing.

It is being used in math and English curriculums and will soon be expanded throughout the system. The teacher is now a “facilitator.”

Traditional methods of teaching have largely been abandoned for “discovery learning.” It is a one-size-fits-all approach to education.

Our children are guinea pigs in this massive experiment, which will take years to evaluate. They are not getting the solid, well-rounded education that they deserve.

Urge your state senators to support Senate bill 300 to stop Common Core in South Carolina.

Motte Yarbrough

East Butler Avenue


Risky novelty

Releasing mini, candle-powered hot air balloons may seem like a nice idea, but what happens when they land? How many fires have they started? Just recently I read of a move to ban them because of this danger.

A few days ago four of these balloons were found in Hamlin Farms in Mount Pleasant. The balloon’s frame is made of wire, which, if picked up by a combine, can do upwards of $100,000 in damage.

Please think twice before releasing this danger.

Elizabeth McConnell

Seewee Bluff Road


Support caregivers

Since the introduction of the Dorothy I. Height and Whitney M. Young, Jr. Social Work Reinvestment Act to Congress in 2007, students, colleagues, proponents, organizations and legislators have worked to raise awareness and support for the bill that would take care of caregivers, in this case, social workers.

It is important to clarify a few misconceptions.

Many believe that social workers serve only in child protective agencies.

The fact is that social workers are able to provide services to a broad population within our community, including families and children, the elderly and the military, to name a few.

Furthermore, several social workers hold public office, including in the U.S. Senate.

Many do not know that social workers can play a vital role assisting groups or individuals when addressing emotional trauma from domestic violence, bereavement, serious health complications and crises.

The National Mental Health Act of 1946 identified social work as one of the four core mental health disciplines. The others are psychology, psychiatry and nursing.

At this time, aspiring and professional social workers are asking for help in order to help others.

The cost for graduate and undergraduate education and licensing is in marked contrast to low wages. It is difficult for individuals to seek a career in this vital field.

If enacted, this legislation would enable research, facilitate tuition assistance, promote fair wages commensurate with undergraduate and graduate training, and establish national licensing/title protection.

Please support this initiative and empower these selfless professionals to assist you and our community in times of need.

Robert G. Arroyo

Graduate Student

USC School of Social Work

Glen Haven Drive

Myrtle Beach

A brave soldier

Exactly 150 years ago today, James Russell was killed at the Battle of Missionary Ridge near Chattanooga, Tenn. He was a member of Company C of the 24th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry Regiment of the Confederate States Army. James Russell was a free black man.

That’s right. Mr. Russell was a free black man who voluntarily enlisted in the Confederate States Army. His story, like the stories of other black Confederates, has been forgotten. It has gone untold because it doesn’t help to vilify the South and it’s symbols.

It’s much easier to see the South as evil and to hate the Confederate flag when you imagine the Confederate Army as a bunch of slave-owning white guys.

In reality, there were whites, blacks, Hispanics, Jews and Native Americans who rallied under the Confederate flag.

These men fought, bled and died, not to protect the interests of the slave owners, who were the minority, but to defend their homes and their families. These men were Southerners too.

These brave men deserve to be respected and remembered. The next time you see a Confederate flag, resist the impulses that you have been brainwashed into feeling. Maybe your ancestor fought for that flag. It is heritage, not hate.

Fred Dantzler

Sons of Confederate Veterans Secession Camp No. 4

E. Main Street


‘Negative spin’

I was disappointed in the tone of James Beck’s “cakewalk” description of the tennis match between Mid Carolina and Bishop England high schools. Our girls deserve better treatment in The Post and Courier.

The 11 students on our team have been playing an average of four years.

The team began practice during the summer from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. because we share courts with Newberry High School.

If the Newberry courts were unavailable, the team used the public courts in Prosperity — two courts with chain link fence as a net.

Our students were very excited to have made school history on a team that had only been in existence for six years.

The girls knew that they were up against a private school with domination in the “country club sports.”

MCHS cannot recruit and accepts all students who live in our attendance area. Our students do not have the luxury of year-round private tennis coaches.

Do not count MCHS out. Our students work diligently in the classroom and on the playing field. In my opinion, the comments in the article were unsportsmanlike with a negative spin.

Mid Carolina High School’s girls’ tennis is, in my opinion, the state champion of public 2A schools, and the girls played in an exemplary way to get to the championship.

Bishop England’s accomplishment could have been recognized without minimizing the work and pride of the young team members of Mid Carolina High School.


Jalapa Road


‘Despicable’ GOP

How despicable that the right wing in the GOP is now trying to sabotage the Affordable Healthcare Act. There are reports that opponents of the law are overwhelming the websites, using computer programs that deny coverage to those applying.

So it was not enough to vote over 40-plus times to repeal it, now the push is to sabotage persons trying to get affordable health care.

The GOP is also throwing big money at defeating Congress members who back Obamacare.

Why these persons, who have very good health care, do not want others to have health care is unbelievable.

We already pay for those who have no health care and we pay a lot more because those persons use the emergency room as their doctor, and wait until their illnesses are serious.

What a destructive way to deal with people in need. The GOP has no options except to say “no” and sabotage the good efforts of those trying to make possible affordable health care for all.

Beside keeping people uninformed, our state refuses to accept funding to extend coverage for the poor who will be left out again. Unconscionable!

Bonnie Seabright

Groves Manor Court

Mount Pleasant