Charleston Mayor Joe Riley could begin walking on stairs as early as Friday, one day after undergoing surgery for a hip joint replacement on his left side.

All signs point to a successful operation, his team said, but Riley will be physically out of action for an undetermined amount of time.

The hip joint had been a source of “increasing pain and discomfort for a number of years,” the city said in a statement Thursday disclosing the operation.

Riley, 70, had been an active runner for a good part of his adult life. The operation had been planned for some time and was not done on an emergency basis, the city said.

Riley’s physician, Dr. John McCrosson, said he anticipates a standard course of recovery. He predicted the mayor could be walking with a cane in a few days and return to City Council meetings within a few weeks.

The operation was described as providing the mayor with a new artificial ball and socket joint.

“We’re optimistic because he keeps himself in shape,” McCrosson said.

Riley will stay in a local Charleston hospital, which was not disclosed, for a few days before completing his recovery at home.

No return to work date was forecast but Riley will be in regular contact with his office from his residence. His doctor requested he not have visitors or phone calls while in the hospital or at home while he recuperates.

City Council meets again Tuesday. The session will be led by Mayor Pro Tem William Dudley Gregorie.

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