Not either or

For the past three years we have heard President Obama state publicly over 30 times, “If you like your health care coverage, you can keep your health care coverage.”

His apologists keep arguing that he did not know what was in the paradoxically named Affordable Care Act.

The argument boils down to whether he is a liar or is incompetent. Can’t both be true?

Michael Huber

Oak Island drive


Beware of scams

We are relatively new to Medicare and were not aware until recently that none of the Medicare programs, including Medigap, prescription drug coverage or other programs, will call you directly to buy a program.

We were called by a group selling prescription drug coverage. We already have this coverage, so we played possum and listened to the spiel.

We were somewhat concerned when it became apparent that the company had our names, address and checking account information. At this point we told them we were not interested and ended the call. We immediately changed our checking accounts and per a Medicare representative contacted the Federal Trade Commission.

They have no knowledge of this company and felt it was a scam. They repeated the fact that no legitimate Medicare related program will call you unless returning your call.

Robert L. Fenning, M.D.

Belted Kingfisher Road

Kiawah Island

Act your ages

While Republicans and Democrats are engaged in inbred slap-and-tickle kissy-fights, Rome is burning.

William G. Ethridge

Ethridge Drive


Monetary motive

Wouldn’t it be nice if Boeing picked South Carolina as a plant site because of the generally agreeable weather, solid infrastructure, educated citizens and great quality of life? Instead the criteria seem to be a workforce that must accept anything that Boeing cares to pay and “incentives” provided by self-important politicians using our tax money so that Boeing stockholders will get more return on their investment.

Of course, we do get jobs as part of the deal, and life should be wonderful when we grow to be the size of Charlotte, Atlanta or Detroit.

A.D. Heathcock

Palisades Drive

Mount Pleasant

A matter of time

As relates to the proposed Clemson School of Architecture building at the corner of Meeting and George streets, I wonder just how many days it will take for that bright white and glass facade to become dingy gray. And I wonder how many days it will take those ridiculous holes that are supposed to let light in to be filled up with dirt, debris and even bird nests.

Who plans on cleaning the exterior of this building?

Rhetta Mendelsohn

Hasell Street