Charleston and the Lowcountry wouldn’t be as recognized for its vibrant food culture today if not for an underlying but powerful sense of community.

It starts around the family table, with the hospitality being extended to neighbors and friends, new acquaintances and sometimes strangers.

It’s in the way that farmers and fishermen keep us plugged into the fruits of the land and sea around us, food that is close to home. It’s found in the relationships that develop between them and their customers at the markets and on the docks.

Community also is fostered by the city’s cadre of chefs who become part of that chain by celebrating and advancing our culinary heritage and by genuinely supporting each other.

If it feels “small town” at times, it is. That’s what makes living in the Lowcountry special, and it has not gone unnoticed by the outside world.

It is the idea behind My Charleston Thanksgiving.

We set out to reflect that community spirit as we planned and looked forward to the biggest meal of the year in our own homes. And what better way than to share know-how, recipes and memories of Thanksgiving traditions.

At, you’ll find recipes from chefs, farmers and readers; video how-tos; and tips and resources for making sure your Turkey Day goes off without a hitch.