Misplaced loyalty

The Preservation Society is just a few years shy of its 100th birthday.

Over that period of time, thousands of people devoted untold time, resources and energy for the preservation of old dwellings, helping create the gem that our historic district is today.

If my alma mater was planning to blaspheme the architectural heritage and integrity of my beloved city with the erection of a totally unsuitable building, I would be enraged. I would tell them to count me out for future donations. And I would campaign vigorously to get other alums to do the same.

Come on, you Clemson folks. Stand up for your city. Many of you have been involved in this preservation effort, and all of you have enjoyed the results.

College is where you earned your degree and enjoyed your youth and your advancing to adulthood.

Your city is where your adult allegiance is for your lifetime.

Patience D. Walker

Lowndes Street


No more money

Healthy Connections Prime is another taxpayer-paid-for program (The Post and Courier, Nov. 2, “S.C. Medicaid agency will use federal funds to implement new Healthy Connections Prime program”).

The program will identify people eligible dually for Medicare and Medicaid and place them in this new program.

This is already being paid for. No additional money should be paid. Do the job.

Teresa Arnold of AARP wants to expand Medicaid: “My thoughts are the sooner we can be involved in people’s health care, the more likely we are to save costs.”

What does she mean?

Death panels?

Different rules for patients who are less productive than others?

Strict body fat standards?

What year was it that AARP made a racket over the federal government suggesting Medicare premiums be raised by four percent, then six months later, the AARP Medical Supplement raised its premiums by 40 percent? AARP is making millions from Obama’s health care policies.

We know that because Medicaid reimburses doctors at a rate far lower than private insurance, private persons and insurance companies are hit with higher charges to make up the difference.

With the Affordable Care Act forcing some medical insurance companies out of business and canceling policies due to changing rules, anyone who is not considered low income will pay more in taxes and more to their providers. Eventually, we all will be low income. Period.

Robert Klowas

Ashley Crossing Drive


Unfair to Scott

I was really put off by the insulting and suggestive headline used in The South section on Nov. 3: “Mystery of Tim Scott and the rise of pot.”

And I’d like to suggest that the quote from a Winthrop University poll that “nearly a third of residents [of S.C.] are unsure of him” most likely reflects the distrust of those of his own race who call any black conservative an “Uncle Tom.”

Perhaps low-information voters need to spend less time spreading racially charged gossip and more time educating themselves by reading and listening to more than one source of news before making their own decisions, rather than blindly following the crowd in their neighborhoods.

Beverly O’Brien

Highwood Circle


Sickening results

When Obama repeatedly said, “If you like your health insurance plan you can keep it. Period,” he was either being outrageously disingenuous, or an out-and-out liar.

Those statements clearly earn him four Pinocchios since most of those insurance plans will no longer exist because of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

A news program recently interviewed a single, mid-20s male about his experience with the ACA.

He is happy with his long-time insurance plan at a $100 monthly premium and would love to take the president at his word and remain with his current insurance plan, but his plan expires at the end of the year because of the ACA.

The Hobson’s choice now presented by Obamacare is this: 1) pay a fine of $95 and have no insurance coverage at all, or 2) choose a new policy costing $300 per month, with a $6,300 deductible, covering things unnecessary to him such as breast exams, maternity expenses and pediatric dental. Neither option makes him happy or meets his real need.

The website problem is only the worm in the apple and will be fixed; the real problem is that the entire apple is rotten to the core.

Terry Williamson

Spalding Circle

Goose Creek

Oyster roast

The Friends of McLeod had a big problem to solve last week. The newsletters with information about our 10th Annual Benefit Oyster Roast on Dec. 1 and our membership drive were in the mail along with pre-addressed envelopes for our members to use.

Then it happened. A deluge of people called to say their pre-addressed envelopes had been returned to them. That prompted a visit to the James Island Post Office.

Another wave of returned envelopes brought about a second visit to the USPS, where finally the problem was solved.

So, yes, our 10th Annual Benefit Oyster Roast is still on at Bowen’s Island on Dec. 1, and you can still send in your membership dues and ticket reservations in the pre-addressed envelopes. We’ll make sure you are on the list.

Our address is still Friends of McLeod, P.O. Box 13021, Charleston, S.C., 29422.

Carol Jacobsen

Chair, Friends of McLeod

Wampler Drive