NEW YORK — It’s not coincidental that the stars of “Scandal” live tweet during episodes. They’re encouraged to do so.

When several of the show’s actors recently visited New York to promote the premiere of Season Three, ABC made sure to book Kerry Washington on a return flight to Los Angeles that offered Wi-Fi.

Other cast members had their trips extended so they could be available on the social networking site.

Joshua Malina, who plays U.S. attorney David Rosen, relishes having a presence on Twitter.

Malina may love Twitter but he wasn’t an early fan.

“My sister was an early adopter. She lives in a remote area and what I could tell used Twitter to let my parents know that she was still alive. ... I thought, ‘This thing is not gonna catch on.’ ”

Malina has no problem sparring with people who tweet him.

“Certainly these strangers who interact with me aren’t holding back. People will tweet, ‘You’re ugly,’ ” he laughed. “I also have very, very thick skin ... so I don’t mind reading the bad stuff.

“The good stuff is in a way less entertaining to read. ... I don’t think I’ve ever actually been offended by anything anyone has written and I sort of hope people take it in the same spirit.”

“Scandal” airs at 10 p.m. Thursdays on ABC.