Investigators are examining a bullet for clues after a Goose Creek High School cheerleader was hit in the wrist Tuesday evening.

The 14-year-old student was sitting in the visitors’ bleachers by the athletic field when she suddenly felt a pain in her wrist, according to incident report from the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office. The cheerleading coach took her to get first aid, and her father took her to Trident Hospital.

An x-ray showed a bullet lodged under the skin, according to the report. Doctors removed it and gave it to investigators.

The girl told deputies she didn’t hear any gunshots and was surprised to learn she had been shot.

The school is on Red Bank Road. The bleachers are on the west side of the school across a narrow road from a patch of woods. A small mobile home park is nearby.

Nobody heard a gunshot, according to the incident report. Investigators were running tests to try to determine what kind of weapon the projectile came from, Sheriff’s Capt. Rick Ollic said.

Investigators consider it a stray bullet, although they have no clue where it came from, sheriff’s spokesman Dan Moon said.

Principal Jimmy Huskey sent a message about the incident to parents Tuesday night. He said the wounded student was home with family.

Sheriff’s deputies will continue extra patrols at the school this week, Ollic said.

“We want the students and the parents to feel safe in the community that they’re in,” he said.

Several students interviewed after class Wednesday said the incident was a topic of conversation but not great concern.

“We all thought, ‘Wow, a gunshot,’” senior Neil Sequi said. “Gunshots usually don’t happen around here.”

But everybody assumed it was a freak accident and carried on pretty much as usual, he said.

“It was quite a hype today, but it didn’t really affect our schooling much,” senior Matthew Calvert said. “We were hoping we’d get out of school today when we got the phone call.”

Several students made get-well cards for the injured student Wednesday, and a group was considering what color to wear to show support for her, senior Megan Grant said.

“We’re all worried about what happened to her, but nobody thinks it was intentional,” she said.

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at 719-4412 or Crime Stoppers at 554-1111.

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