The Medicaid solution

Obamacare is failing.

Why are we not surprised?

Virtually all of the expertise in health care and health insurance is in the private sector. The federal government doesn’t have the knowledge, skill or experience to run the medical and/or health insurance businesses.

Before throwing any more good money after bad, let us return to the way it was before President Barack Obama messed it up.

Put all the health care and health insurance businesses back into the private sector. Leave us alone; we can take care of ourselves.

The 30 million people who cannot afford medical care are always a concern.

And here’s the common-sense solution:

The federal government should pay medical expenses for people who qualify for the government welfare program known as Medicaid.

1) This allows the government to do what it does best — write checks, and,

2) It allows medical providers and health insurers to do what they do best — continue running the finest health care system in the world.

Lift all the unreasonable regulations, and the taxes required to pay for them would be more than enough to fund Medicaid.

Jane Kenny

Honesty Lane


Bring on a day of reckoning

I certainly hope the federal government, having already spent $400 million, has a means of establishing financial liability for this fiasco and recovering the cost to fix it.

Jennifer Palmeiri, White House communications director, said recently on CNN that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services underestimated the number of people who would use the system.


I would have expected the opposite.

Whatever the case, bring out the guillotine and let the heads begin to roll.

This problem of creating this website’s software probably could have been at least lessened if the government had started with a basic software package, such as that offered to independent insurance agents by Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, Inc. It probably could have been purchased intact and extended to do a great deal of this job. IIABA has decades of experience serving the needs of independent insurance agents across the United States in shopping for insurance on behalf of their clients.

The IIABA software package would not do the entire job (e.g., determination of identity, eligibility, etc.). But why should this government project reinvent the entire wheel?

Jim Owens

Owens Drive

Myrtle Beach

A self-serving motive

The president and Democrats in Congress keep telling the Republicans that Dembamacare (I like this better than Obamacare because it more completely identifies the culprits) is the law of the land and to just get over it.

The Republicans contend that the exceptions granted by the administration are unconstitutional.

This begs the question as to why they have not filed a lawsuit to block implementation based upon the unconstitutionality of the exceptions.

Surely it’s not because they are one of the exceptions.

E.D. George Jr.

Ventura Place

Mount Pleasant

Take the direct route

So, according to your front-page story on Wednesday, a person can be too poor for the Affordable Care Act.

Wasn’t this entire exercise to cover people who were too poor to buy their own insurance?

Why didn’t we just use the $634 million that was spent on that non-working website and expand Medicaid to cover the people who weren’t already insured and leave the rest of us and our insurers alone?

Gloria B. Jenkins

Stonewood Drive