The Mount Pleasant resident who took it upon himself to clean up the National Mall during the government shutdown last month has gained the attention of a group that recognizes selfless deeds and random acts of kindness.

Crowd It Forward will give Cox a new chainsaw and some money to cover some of the hundreds of dollars worth of parking tickets he got while working at the mall, according to a news release from the group. A ceremony is planned for 1:30 p.m. Wednesday on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

The group raised more than $1,800 for Cox’s Memorial Militia through its website. Some money will also be given to The Green Beret Foundation, which cares for injured Green Beret veterans. STIHL donated the MS660 professional chainsaw.

Cox lives in Mount Pleasant but has been living in Alexandria, Va., working on commissions as a chainsaw artist. He decided to clean up the National Mall on the eve of a Million Vet March last month. Parks Service cleaning crews were furloughed and trash was piling up. Cox and several hundred volunteers hauled off hundreds of bags of trash. Cox also got out his chainsaw to cut up a tree that had fallen over a walking path.

His efforts first got national attention after a resident named Sally Schwettmann tweeted a photo of him pushing a lawnmower with a flag of the Palmetto state near the Lincoln Memorial.

Somebody put up a Facebook page called “Lawn Mower Guy for Congress.”

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