Parental decision

As parents of three teenage boys, we are working very hard to raise upstanding citizens who will contribute to their community. As minors, if one of them were to get in trouble, it would be the responsibility of my husband and me to deal with the consequences.

I don’t think their schools or places of employment would even be notified. So imagine my dismay when I looked into getting a waiver for my 16-year-old son so that he could drive after 6 p.m.

I found out that I have not only to produce a letter requesting the waiver but also to get one from my son’s school or workplace.

I believe it should be my decision where and when my son can drive. I had to have his school sign off to allow him to get his license in the first place. Now I need its permission for him to drive after 6 p.m. I do not understand this logic and the trampling of my parental duties.

Carla Manning

Center Street

Mount Pleasant

Common Core

Daniel Ruth’s Nov. 4 op-ed on Common Core seemed to suggest that I am both illiterate and ignorant because I have reservations about Common Core.

I am skeptical for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that Common Core is being implemented by government agencies, albeit not necessarily the federal government, and we all know what a stellar job most government agencies do in implementing complex programs. (Need I mention Obamacare?)

But, the primary reason I have reservations is that I have a daughter who is in the first year of teaching Common Core (mathematics specifically), and it is an unmitigated disaster. The curriculum was issued late (with portions not issued even now), and for those who teach more than one math subject, that is a significant problem.

When teachers complain to the administration, they are told to do the best they can since even administrators know you need lead time to prepare lesson plans with a new curriculum.

Well-intentioned teachers are beyond frustrated since they are not able to teach the subject matter to the levels they had with the prior curriculum because they do not have the time to prepare study aids, support notes, etc.

I would suggest Mr. Ruth talk to some teachers who are under Common Core requirements rather than the 45 governors and educators whom he references. My guess is few, if any, of the educators are classroom teachers.

Jeff Weiner

Legends Club Drive

Mount Pleasant

Air pollution

I wish to commend SPA Chief Executive Officer Jim Newsome for his efforts to reduce air pollution by replacing older truck engines in the SPA fleet.

However, it is unfortunate he will not consider installing onshore power for those cruise ships that use our historic city as a home port some 60 times a year, while running their engines.

Gilbert Baldwin Jr., M.D.

Hasell Street


Rising sea levels

Two recent letters to the editor claimed that the sea level is rising dramatically due to climate change and increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

As a person with a master’s degree in chemical engineering and 37 years of industrial experience, I have learned that Mother Nature does not care about one’s opinions, wishes, political party or isms. One ignores data at one’s peril.

The truth is that sea levels in Charleston have been rising steadily since at least 1921, at a rate of about one foot per 100 years. There is no sign of recent acceleration.

A graph from the government’s official NOAA website (tides and currents) can be searched.

It’s titled “Mean Sea Level Trend, 8665530 Charleston, South Carolina” and it tells the story.

Gary Heidebrecht

Ruple Drive


A matter of taste

The Post and Courier’s new food reviewer, Hanna Raskin, is off to an unforgettable start with her review captioned, “Find some forgettable home cooking at Jestine’s.”

While she certainly is entitled to her opinion, it isn’t of much use to your readers when it is at such odds with the public’s.

I particularly object to her personal comments about the owner, Dana Berlin Strange, and the servers.

I expect she will soon learn that Charleston values not only good food, like that at Jestine’s, but good manners as well.

Billy Want

Bull Street


No end in sight?

Just when everyone thought the Veronica story was over the story goes on.

This whole mess was created by the judges who misinterpreted the wording of the Indian Child Welfare Act, took the child from her adoptive parents, the Capobiancos, and gave her to her biological father, Dusten Brown.

Hopefully, this sad experience will never happen again.

June Griggs

South Constellation Drive

North Charleston


A Saturday editorial on the Angel Oak should have named Samantha Siegel as the co-founder of “Save the Angel Oak.”