An Alabama man is accused of pointing a loaded pistol with a laser sight at three people in The Market area after they tried to intervene Sunday in an argument he was having with his girlfriend, Charleston police said.

The trio told police they were leaving Henry's bar on North Market Street about 1:30 a.m. when they saw a man in a suit arguing with a woman. They feared for her safety because the man was yelling and grabbing her jacket in a violent manner, according to a police report.

When they asked the man to stop and calm down, the man pulled out a pistol and pointed it at them, aiming the laser sight at their torsos, the report stated. The three friends backed off and called police.

Officers caught up with the man and his girlfriend in front of 71 Society St., police said. When they asked him if he was armed, he said, “I'm okay,” a report stated.

When the three friends identified him as the gunman, officers searched the man and found a .380-caliber Ruger pistol in his pants pocket, police said. The pistol had a hollow-point round in the chamber and five more in its magazine, police said.

The man, who was heavily intoxicated, told police he had an Alabama pistol permit, but that permit is not valid in South Carolina, police said. He also had three Viagra pills and two other erectile dysfunction pills for which he had no prescription, along with $2,369 in cash, police said.

Police charged Jerry Thomas Sica, 38, of Mobile, Ala., with three counts of pointing and presenting a firearm at a person, one count of unlawful possession of a concealed handgun, one count of public intoxication and two counts of unlawful possession of a prescription drug, according to a police report.

His girlfriend, Kathleen Quinn, 38, of Kirtland, Ohio, was unresponsive, intoxicated and uncooperative, police said. Officers charged her with public disorderly conduct, a police report stated.

Update: Charleston prosecutors opted not to pursue the disorderly conduct case against Quinn and the charge was dismissed in January 2014. The charge has since been expunged from Quinn's record, court documents show.

Charges against Sica are still pending.