Murder-for-hire suspect and former Charleston bank executive Chris Latham withdrew his personal bankruptcy filing Monday.

U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge John Waites signed a brief order dismissing the case. No reason was given.

Local attorney Michael Drose, who represents Latham in the matter, could not be reached for comment.

Latham, 50, is in jail in Charleston County awaiting trial on allegations that he plotted to kill his wife. He filed for personal bankruptcy protection Oct. 28.

Latham, who once earned upward of $600,000 a year as a local Bank of America executive, has mounting bills. They include the $5,500 in support and $3,000 in housing expenses he was ordered to pay monthly to support his wife, Nancy Latham, while their divorce case winds its way toward trial.

The pair, have been entangled for two years in a bitter split, in which each has accused the other of infidelity.

Federal criminal charges were filed against him in August, about four months after allegations were made of a plot to kill his estranged spouse, a Mount Pleasant real estate agent and state lottery official.

A bankruptcy filing typically shields debtors at least temporarily from bill collectors and creditors. In this case, Nancy Latham argued in a filing last week that legal protection does not apply to her and the financial support she’s owed.

She hasn’t been paid by Latham since August, according to the document.

Columbia attorney George Cauthen, who represents her, said in an Oct. 31 filing that Chris Latham may have sought bankruptcy to delay his court-ordered obligations to her and also to bring the divorce case to a “standstill.”

An emergency court hearing on the issues was scheduled for Monday in Columbia.

As a possible remedy to the dispute, Chris Latham was offering to pay his wife $5,500 in monthly support from September through next January, when his criminal trial is scheduled to begin.

The issues raised in the bankruptcy are moot now that he has withdrawn his case.

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