The windshield of an Air India Boeing 787 Dreamliner cracked as the plane landed at Melbourne airport Monday, according to India Today newspaper.

The incident, the latest in a series of mishaps for Boeing’s newest airplane, posed no threat to the 80 passengers and 12 crew members on board, airline officials said.

“The new windshield will be fixed and the aircraft will be ready soon,” airline manager Madhu C. Mathen said, adding that the passengers were adjusted to other flights for their onward journey.

Air India flight 311 was flying from Delhi to Sydney via Melbourne.

Air India officials said the Dreamliner was grounded at Melbourne following the incident but maintained the windshield crack caused no threat to the aircraft because the windshields are made of very thick glass and plastic material.

Engineers and materials, including the windshield, were being sent by another Air India flight, airline officials said.

Air India sources said the airline would conduct an internal probe to find the cause of the incident, which according to some officials could have occurred during the flight.

The sources said rapid changes in outside temperature could be the reason behind the incident, adding however that the results of the inquiry should be awaited.

In January, the global Dreamliner fleet was grounded for four months following two battery fire incidents in Japanese airlines’ aircraft.

There have been quite a few instances of Air India’s Dreamliner fleet suffering technical glitches, including overheating of one of the plane’s ovens in Kolkata in July.

A panel of Air India’s Dreamliner fell off at Bangalore airport on Oct. 12. A technical problem involving the aircraft’s spoiler had led to the cancellation of a flight from Melbourne to Delhi on Oct. 28.

Boeing spokesperson Candy Eslinger said the company was aware of the incident and ready to help if asked. She directed questions about the incident to Air India officials.