Way to go, Lowcountry.

We asked for your best bridges of the Lowcountry photos this week and you delivered - nearly 50 photos of our beloved spans.

Not only did you shoot every conceivable angle from on, beneath and around the Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge, some of you also dared to shoot some of the smaller, less photographed bridges, such as the Ashley river bridges, the Five-Mile Viaduct and the Pitt Street Bridge.

That’s what made this week’s assignment so challenging. With so much competition, our editors were looking for either a Ravenel Bridge picture that they had never seen before or a photo of another bridge that was so stunning that it wouldn’t seem weird not to have a Ravenel picture as the winner.

It was a tough choice.

After a lot of discussion - a lot - they decided on Patricia Over’s unique shot of the Ravenel Bridge with two church steeples in the foggy foreground. Read what they liked most about the picture in Saturday’s People section of The Post and Courier.

Next week’s assignment: Your Halloween. Have fun with this one.

The rules:

- Send one (1) photograph to yourphotos@postandcourier.com by noon on Tuesday, Nov. 5. Include your name, town and where the photo was taken.

- If you want your photo to be eligible to run in the newspaper, it must be at least 1,500 pixels. Our editors will select which photo will appear each week. We reserve the right to not publish any photo for any reason.

- We will allow photographs with reasonable watermarks to run in the gallery but for the winning photo that runs in the newspaper we must have a photo that does not have a watermark. If you want to send us one with the watermark (to run online) and one without (to possibly run in the newspaper) please feel free.