Candidates for Seabrook Island Mayor

Terrence James Ahearn, “Terry”

Age: 71

Family: Carroll L. Ahearn (wife); two sons and three daughters.

Education: B.A. from The Citadel; J.D. from Boston College Law School.

Occupation: Retired corporate attorney.

Political history: Elected twice to Seabrook Island Town Council (four years total).

Why I’m qualified: Prior to serving two terms on the Town Council, the last as mayor pro tem, I served on the Board of the Property Owner’s Association, including as its president.

Goals if elected: To continue to raise the profile of Seabrook Island in the public’s eye nationally and to make Seabrook Island a safe place to get to and live.

Contact information: 243-9200 home; 367-7707 cell;

John B. DuBois

Age: 84

Family: Mary (wife); four children.

Education: Bachelor of Science, University of Maryland.

Occupation: Retired military and federal law enforcement.

Political History: Mayor of Seabrook Island — two terms; Seabrook Island councilman — two terms;

Why I am Qualified: See above.

Goals if Elected: To serve the interests of the community, to use town assets wisely, work closely with all Island entities.

Contact Information: 768-0725 (home); 830-2487 (cell);