Summerville town council, District 3

Walter Bailey

Age: 67

Family: Wife: Barbara H. Bailey; three daughters, one son.

Education: JD, University of South Carolina School of Law.

Occupation: Retired attorney and solicitor.

Political history: First Circuit Solicitor, 1993-2003, Summerville Town Council, 2009-present.

Why I’m qualified: I completed 20 years of self-employed private law practice in Summerville during which time I was the Summerville Town Attorney and municipal court prosecutor for about 15 years. Following that, I served 11 years as the elected Solicitor for the First Judicial Circuit which involved direct supervision of approximately 20 employees and administering a budget in excess of $1,000,000 per year. I served on the Dorchester County Economic Development Board, am a member of the Summerville Rotary Club and a past member of two other civic clubs. I have served on Summerville Town Council for over four years. I graduated from the Municipal Association’s Elected Officials Institute. I presently serve on the town’s Planning Committee and am chairman of the Public Safety Committee.

Goals if elected: Continue to prioritize core services such as police and fire protection, street maintenance and construction and sidewalk construction in order to make Summerville a safer place to live and raise our families. At the same time I want to continue to hold the line on any increase in our tax mills.

Contact information: 509-7744;

John C. Hinson

Age: 62

Family: Wife: Linda Darnell; four children.

Education: JD, University of Iowa.

Occupation: Attorney.

Political history: Have not held office before.

Why I’m qualified: I have been a resident and home owner in District 3 for more that seven years and I am terribly concerned about what is perceived to be the decline of certain parts of District 3. I’m conscientious and believe that as a representative on town council my duties would include working to get constituent input/participation.

Goals if elected: I feel strongly that the District needs to be served better on town council in terms of the services it should receive from the town to support property values.

Contact information:

Lincolnville mayor

Tyrone Aiken

Age: 59.

Family: Wife, Deborah ; four adult children.

Education: One year college. Governor`s Housing & Community Development Institute.

Occupation: Assistant Operation Manager, Charleston Club, Charleston Air Force Base. Retired Civil Service.

Political offices held: Lincolnville Town Council, 14 years; mayor, 13 years.

Why you are qualified: I am knowledgeable in Municipal Government and Affairs, and offer experienced leadership.

Goals if elected: To continue progress in developing roads and drainage, public housing and sidewalks. To seek economic development, attracting more businesses to provide jobs in the community. Strive to create a safer and crime-free community. Continue to enhance fire protection services. Establish a zip code for the town.

Contact information: 873-3261;

Charles Duberry

Age: 66

Family: Two daughters and a son.

Education: Trident Technical School.

Occupation: Life insurance agent, retired Charleston Naval Shipyard supervisor.

Political offices held: Lincolnville Town Council, 31 years.

Why you are qualified: I have the experience and the knowledge. I have chaired police, fire water, building and grounds department committees. Former mayor pro tem.

Goals if elected: Restore police department, strengthen fire protection, boost water pressure in town.

Contact information: 478-1348,