If you’re inclined to mop your floor, then mop your brow and decide you’ve had enough exercise for one day, scrub that thought.

Researchers in Northern Ireland have examined data from 4,653 adults and young people, aged 16 and older, and burst their bubbles. It seems that, unless you work at it, wiping counters doesn’t deliver enough exercise for health benefits.

Experts recommend adults take 150 minutes of moderate physical exercise each week, and that they use all major muscle groups.

Sad to say, the Sport Northern Ireland: Sport and Physical Activity Survey, found that people who claim housework as part of their regular exercise regimen tend to be heavier. Either they exaggerate how much they do, or they eat to much to compensate for the exercise. After all, they are doing a lot of work in the kitchen.

So if your midriff is feeling as fluffy as your feather duster, dust off your running shoes, pump up your bicycle tires, swim a few laps or head for the tennis courts.

Mirrors wiped until they sparkle are much more satisfying when the image you see in them is fit.