Ten years after the Dixie Chicks performed in South Carolina amid a firestorm of controversy, it appears singer Natalie Maines isn't quite ready to “make nice” with the state.

Maines, now a solo act, performed at the Southern Ground Music and Food Festival Saturday where, according to some attendees, she received some boos.

“Time has stood still,” Maines tweeted early Sunday morning, after noting that the state once tried to pass a resolution forcing her to put on free concerts in light of comments she made about former President George W. Bush.

At a 2003 Dixie Chicks concert in London, Maines told a London audience, “Just so you know, we're ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas.”

At a time when the country was divided over whether to invade Iraq, the comments ignited a furor as radio stations boycotted the group's songs, “fans” staged rallies to destroy their CDs and the band members received death threats.

South Carolina became center stage for the anger as Greenville was site of the group's first concert on American soil since she made the comments. Protesters stood outside of the arena for days and while many predicted they'd get booed off the stage, the band overwhelmingly received cheers from the 15,000 fans.

Maines, though, has apparently not gotten over the events.

She tweeted, “I revisited S.Carolina tonight. 2003 they had a bill on the floor demanding the DCX officially apologize and play free concerts. #(expletive)that”

Her comments were met on social media by some detractors who basically told her if she didn't like the state she could leave it, while many supporters expressed surprise and disappointment it was still an issue for some people more than a decade later.

Maines later tweeted to one detractor: “I'm going to continue liking S.C in spite of it's humidity and the knowledge that you live there. Enjoy your day;)”