“It really didn't have any impact on me personally, or even here at Franklin C. Fetter. Even though we are federally qualified health center, it didn't impact our day-to-day at all. I suppose at some point it probably would have. If we couldn't get money down because of the shutdown, or couldn't get reimbursement, that would have been an issue, but at this point it wasn't.” - Virginia King, 57, community affairs manager at the Franklin C. Fetter Family Health Center in Charleston.

“Those revenues we would normally receive from the government, that will have an impact on our financials (at Goodwill Industries).” - Reginald Hughes, 48, of Hanahan, vice president for commercial services at Goodwill

“We've had a lot of disappointed visitors over the past 15 to 16 days because Fort Sumter is considered a must-see site in Charleston. All in all, we're delighted that the National Parks Service is going to be open again.” - Peter Steketee, 57, of Mount Pleasant, general manager of Embassy Suites Charleston Area Convention Center

“It hasn't impacted the funding, so it's just a matter of your contact … is not there.” - Audrey Lane, 40, a deputy official with Charleston County School District

“It really didn't affect me, but it affected my cousin. I had to lend him a couple of dollars because he was out of work. He works at a commissary.” - Michael Gadsden, 33, meter reader, Hanahan

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