SUMTER, S.C. - A Sumter man was sentenced Tuesday to 30 years in prison for killing a trick-or-treater who knocked at his door on Halloween 2008.

Quentin Patrick, 27, was sentenced Tuesday after pleading guilty to murder in the death of T.J. Darrisaw. Patrick’s trial had been scheduled to start this week.

Prosecutors say the 12-year-old boy was returning home from a city-sponsored party with his family when they decided to trick-or-treat at a few houses on the way back. They stopped at Patrick’s home in Sumter because the front porch light was on - the traditional signal to welcome kids on Halloween.

T.J., wearing a ghoulish mask like his brother, sprinted onto the front porch and knocked. Inside, Patrick’s girlfriend peeked out the window and screamed there were three large men in masks carrying a rope outside the door, according to a confession.

Patrick grabbed his AK-47 from the kitchen. He emptied the magazine, firing 30 shots into the front of the house, according to court documents. T.J. was shot at least a dozen times as he stood on the porch. A stepfather and a brother were wounded.

Patrick, a convicted drug dealer, has said he fired his AK-47 because he thought a rival drug dealer was back to shoot him again. He has already been sentenced to more than 16 years in federal prison after pleading guilty to being a felon in possession of a weapon.

Officials say Patrick’s state and federal sentences will run concurrently. After Tuesday’s hearing, T.J.’s mother said she was relieved the ordeal was over.

“I believe he’s hurting because he has to live with it, but it’s never going to bring T.J. back,” Daphne Grinnell said. “A crime has been done, and the time has to be paid.”