A batch of new baking books have hit the bookshelves, just in time for school bake sales and birthday parties, fall festivities and holiday entertaining.

“Glazed, Filled, Sugared, & Dipped: Easy Doughnut Recipes to Fry or Bake at Home.” It’s possible that doughnuts have become the new cupcakes, with doughnut shops such as Charleston’s Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts delivering flavors from PB&J to Maple Bacon.

Nicknamed Mr. Doughnut by his colleagues, Colicchio & Sons pastry chef Stephen Collucci brings the lessons learned from his dessert menu must-have doughnut creations to this book.

Crafting combos from two basic formulas (cake and yeast-raised), Collucci serves up simple selections such as chocolate cake doughnuts and blackberry jelly-filled, fancier favorites such as Boston cream doughnuts and lavender-glazed, and haute headliners including key lime curd Berliners with macadamia nut brittle and caramel cream doughnuts with sour apple granita. About half have the option for being baked instead of fried.

Collucci doesn’t neglect ethnic fried dough specialties, offering recipes for crullers, churros, beignets, bombolone, funnel cakes, malasadas, and zeppole.

He doubles down on delicious by including accompaniments ranging from ice cream to preserves, sauces and flavored sugars.

There are even two savory selections: bacon, cheddar and chive cake doughnuts and prosciutto and date. You’re sure to be the hit of the bake sale and the first to sell out when your contribution is a still-warm tray of the signature American confection.

Hardcover. Clarkson Potter/Publishers. $17.99.

“Martha Stewart’s Cakes.” In my book, if doughnuts have a rival in the pastry department, it’s cake. And no one does cakes better than Martha Stewart.

This collection of 150 cakes, each accompanied by an alluring photograph, includes a cake for every imaginable occasion.

There are pound cakes, bundt cakes, coffee cakes, cheesecakes, ice cream cakes, icebox cakes, loaf cakes and the grand dames of gateaux, layer cakes. Examples of the layer cake chapter are the humble buttermilk cake with chocolate icing, the more sophisticated candied-pecan cake with browned-butter pears and the grand finale lemon meringue cake whose chiffon layers are filled with tart lemon curd and finished with a cloud-like coating of swirled baked meringue.

This book is for the new cook, the imaginative cook and a keeper for the kitchen library. Paperback. Clarkson Potter/Publishers. $24.99.

“Jenny McCroy’s Desserts for Every Season.” A baking and pastry authority who has consulted on dessert menus for Tom Colicchio’s NYC Craft restaurant and Emeril Lagasse’s establishment, Jenny McCroy dishes up a big serving of inspiration for seasonal sweets. Pears show up with cranberries in strudel, honey-roasted in sorbet, Earl Grey tea-poached and accompanied by figs and pomegranate. Gala apples are baked; lady apples are caramelized. There are Asian pear fritters and Concord grape and rosemary focaccia.

A pumpkin roulade could take the place of this year’s pumpkin pie. Winter, spring, and summer have equally enticing offerings. Hardcover. Rizzoli New York. $39.95.

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