The federal workers who handle the certification of new aircraft such as the Boeing 787 made in North Charleston were called back to work this week after being furloughed during the government shutdown.

The Federal Aviation Administration recalled about 800 workers, including about 200 engineers, inspectors and safety staff for the FAA’s Aircraft Certification Service and more than 600 airline safety inspectors to the agency’s Flight Standards Service.

Boeing South Carolina spokeswoman Candy Eslinger said the recalled workers include those who certify 787s made near Charleston International Airport.

She also said Boeing holds designated authority from the FAA to perform some of its own certification work.

“Boeing Commercial Airplanes is continuing to complete and certify commercial airplanes and make them available for delivery during the government shutdown,” Eslinger said. “As the shutdown continues, we are working with our customers to mitigate any potential delivery impacts.”

Several planes remained on the flight line for delivery in North Charleston Tuesday.

The shutdown entered its eighth day Tuesday. Thousands of FAA workers remain furloughed as nonessential.

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