Bold and the Beautiful: In Mexico, Wyatt told Hope that he loves her, and proposed. Hope told Wyatt that she likes him, but she is both engaged and fully committed to Liam. Liam sent Hope a video tribute that expressed his love for her. Liam received an email from Steffy who said that she would send her electronic signature for their annulment papers. Steffy asked Liam to send her a video tribute similar to the one he sent Hope, and which he had accidentally sent to her, as well. Liam and Hope had to postpone their wedding after Quinn secretly arranged for the HFTF/Quinn Artisan fashion show to be the same day.

Days of Our Lives: Kayla got upset with J.J., who bombarded her with questions about his deceased father, Jack. J.J. realized that Kayla was keeping something from him about Jack and later questioned Abigail and Adrienne, but got no answers from them. After finding files and papers in the Horton house, J.J. was stunned to learn that Jack had raped Kayla years ago. After deciding to have the sex video of her and Eric “edited,” Kristen was shocked to discover her flash drive didn’t contain the original video. Eric was stunned when Nicole told him that she was quitting her job at the church. Nicole did not tell Eric that she was leaving because of her feelings for him. Sami was stunned to learn that, to get the evidence that cleared her of murder, E.J. had given Stefano control of DiMera Enterprises and returned the family mansion to him. Theresa flirted with Daniel in front of Jennifer and insinuated that she had slept with him.

General Hospital: On Cassadine Island, Robin, who is being held prisoner by Jerry Jax, worked to develop a cure for the poison used on Jerry and Luke. Jerry told a dying Luke that there would only be one dose of the cure produced. Lulu and Dante were in shock when Brad revealed at baby Connie’s christening that Maxie and Spinelli are the baby’s biological parents. Dante and Lulu pressured Maxie into admitting the truth, and she revealed that she had miscarried Dante and Lulu’s baby. Kiki was devastated after she caught Morgan and Ava sleeping together. Kiki told Morgan and Ava that she wanted nothing to do with them, and accepted when Michael asked her to move in with him. Anna joined the search for baby Ben after Britt’s mother, Liesl Obrecht, kidnapped him. Unaware that Derek is Julian, Alexis asked him to find proof that Julian is Sam’s father.

Young and the Restless: Determined to get revenge for the death of her mother, Hilary listened to Neil’s offer to publicly confess that he had a part in Rose’s death and to donate money to a rehab center. In an effort to get Neil to fall off the wagon, Hilary spiked his drink. Carmine escaped from the police as he was being transferred to the courthouse jail. Carmine later spied on Lauren, Michael and Fen. Paul suspected that there was a mix-up with the files he found pertaining to the child whom Nikki gave up. Nick asked Sharon to give him some space after he broke up a fight between her and Avery. At the hospital in Georgia, Avery urged Phyllis to wake up (from her coma) and told Phyllis that Sharon will never stop trying to get Nick back. Leslie told Avery that they are representing Adam, who is suing Chelsea for custody of Connor. Dylan told Stitch that he is ending his marriage to Chelsea. Oliver Jones offered Summer a job in L.A.

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