MOUNT PLEASANT — The town’s Police, Judicial and Legal Committee briefly went to the dogs on Monday.

Mayor Billy Swails and committee members met Rocco and Arie, two German Shepherds who are the inaugural members of the town’s K-9 team.

As the dogs chewed on rubber toys on opposite sides of the committee room floor, council watched a brief video of the new dogs’ exploits set to AC-DC’s hit, “Giving the Dog A Bone.”

The highlight of the video was a shot of $1,000 in cash and a half pound of marijuana that Rocco found outside a hotel and led police to right away.

“Day one, we were already pulling drugs and money off the streets,” Police Chief Carl Ritchie said.

Each dog is about 2 years old, lives with his officer’s family and is expected to serve the town for about eight years.

They also give the town a little international flair: Rocco is from the Czech Republic and Arie is from the Netherlands, and both respond to commands not in English but in their native languages, commands that the Mount Pleasant officers had to learn.

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