Media to blame

The Sept. 16 shooting at the Naval Shipyard in Washington, D.C. , was and will forever remain a tragedy.

Before the shooter’s gun barrel had time to cool the news coverage had begun. News commentators and “experts” are providing us with continuous coverage, everyone pointing fingers at what or whom to blame.

Lack of gun control; too much gun control; too much violence on TV, in movies and in video games. The list goes on and on. The news media point their fingers in every direction except in the direction where a lot of the fault lies. Themselves.

The one thing that this shooting and all the other past acts of mass violence have in common is that they are perpetrated by sick individuals in search of 15 minutes of fame. Our news outlets are more than happy to accommodate them.

I understand fully the media have a constitutional right to publish or broadcast pretty much anything it wants. But do they have to make the killer’s name a household name by the time everyone goes to bed that night? I don’t care to ever know it.

Why not refer to the killers as “sick depraved individuals” or whatever term the news outlet chooses?

As long as news outlets continue to gladly provide a platform for these senseless killings, they will never cease.

Timothy A. Scalise

Merganser Court

Mount Pleasant

Veterans do pay

As a Vietnam veteran and a patient at the Ralph Johnson VA Hospital, I am compelled to reply to a Sept. 15 letter to the editor regarding veterans complaining about the parking situation prior to receiving their free medical care.

The writer states that the veterans volunteered to put themselves in harm’s way. He says that they and their families have been paid, housed and fed at taxpayers’ expense.

I can assure the writer that veterans do not get free medical care. They have paid for it, and in many cases paid dearly. They paid for it with legs, arms, sight, hearing, body pains and psychological disorders. They will continue to pay every day of their lives as the horrors of war are never forgotten. It is said that the horrors of a war are never over until the last veteran of that war dies.

The writer is correct that current active duty military personnel were not drafted. They did indeed volunteer for the service, and we need to thank God that they did. These brave men and women answered the call of a country in need and stepped forward where so many would not. They are not doing it for the great pay, because it isn’t great. They are doing it because they are patriots who love their country.

You could not pay anyone enough to miss out on the birth of his first child, first recital, first tooth, etc. There is not enough money in the world for someone to be away from his family, in awful conditions, constantly worried about being killed. No, you do it for love of country and flag, and you know that someone has to do it.

Freedom is not free, and it is not paid for or won by politicians. It is paid for and won by veterans. I would suggest to the writer that he spend just one day at the VA Hospital. It would be an eye opener.

John D. Irvine

Boykin Drive

North Charleston

No guns

Starbucks has recently made it public that it doesn’t want concealed weapons in their stores. To Starbucks I say, “That is fine with this concealed weapons permit holder.”

Starbucks has now notified all the “bad guys” who might want to tote a gun and rob its stores that no one there will be equipped to stop them.

The legally registered, background checked and properly trained concealed weapons permit holders will stay home. I’ll brew an outstanding cup of Keurig and protect my home, family and property.

The media continue to showcase places where the “bad guys” can go to inflict harm on unarmed innocent people such as schools, federal property, college campuses and religious facilities where they will not be challenged.

Barbara Snow

Flycatcher Drive

Goose Creek

Leadership test

Some people who graduate only from high school are more mature than some college graduates who hold very responsible positions of authority.

It takes maturity, not just intelligence, to make a good president of the United States.

President Barack Obama has proven not to be mature in various ways — his support of legalizing gay marriage for one.

Another sign of immaturity is to stay hung up on the past. When some refused to accept the verdict in the Zimmerman case, a mature president would have encouraged them to accept it and move on with their own lives.

President Obama likes to waste taxes on things that aren’t necessary.

He doesn’t consider how much we are in debt. That shows lack of maturity.

President Obama is too inflexible. He refuses to listen to opinions or suggestions. He won’t admit that everyone makes mistakes at times. That shows immaturity.

When there’s an election, if one opponent kills time criticizing the other one, it will show immaturity. It’s probably because he can’t think of what to say or he doesn’t want to tell you things that you should know.

So, the next time that you vote, consider maturity.

Twylah M. Ricker

Boardman Road


The real Miss S.C.

Amidst all the uproar, three things about Miss South Carolina have been buried beneath the avalanche of publicity about her introductory remarks:

First, Brooke won Miss Congeniality at Miss America.

She received the same honor moments before being crowned Miss South Carolina. What a true tribute to her character.

Second, in support of the Miss America national charity, the Children’s Miracle Network, Brooke raised $79,000 from the generous people of South Carolina, shattering the previous record of $41,000. For this she earned the prestigious “Miracle Maker Award.” Much of this money will directly benefit MUSC Children’s Hospital.

Finally, Brooke was named First Runner-Up for the “Quality of Life Award” for the contestant considered to have the most impactful platform.

Brooke is the founding student of “Go Higher — College Application Day.”

This is an in-school initiative, now sponsored by the S.C. Commission on Higher Education, to help first generation students, in particular, apply to college.

As a result of these achievements, Brooke won $11,000 in scholarships towards her USC law degree. Unfortunately, these accomplishments have been overshadowed by the remarks controversy.

Her achievements represent a more accurate picture of her true character than does a seven-second compromise.

Peggy Caulder

Plantation View Lane

Mount Pleasant

Rebels not friends

Syrian rebels are our friends? So says John McCain, the senior senator from Arizona. He made this assertion at a town hall meeting in Arizona, assuring the audience that he could make this claim because he has been to the Syrian border and talked to rebels.

This is laughable and is an insult to those who pay attention to these things. Here is a senator surrounded by security, who does not know the language. Through an interpreter he talks with rebel leaders who smile and say that they love the United States.

After a robust handshake and embrace, the senator returns to his luxury hotel room via armored SUV for cocktails, and the rebels ride in their pickup trucks back to their caves for kymys. Sounds of loud laughs and the Batiste Dabke can be heard coming from the cave.

The senator and his colleagues have spent the last year in meetings trying to get to the truth surrounding Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS and NSA scandals, to no avail. But they know all the facts about the rebels.

We cannot get the truth out of Lois Lerner, Hillary Clinton or Eric Holder but the rebels? Easy.

Nancy Pelosi has suggested the Putin peace-making effort is a win for President Obama. A recent column by Nicholas Burns declared that diplomacy could rescue Obama in the Syrian crisis. Thank God we have people helping the president. It is so important that he looks good.

How about the people? Do we count? How about a win for us in employment, debt, education, energy, etc.? Maybe we can get some help from the Russians or the Syrian rebels.

Is this a great country or what?

Burdette Lukert

Middle Street

Sullivan’s Island