Louis Mulkey, the Charleston firefighter who was killed in the 2007 Sofa Superstore Fire and was the inspiration for Summerville’s run to the ’08 state basketball championship, was inducted into the Summerville High School Athletic Hall of Fame during last Friday’s football game against Goose Creek.

Mulkey played sports at Summerville. He graduated in 1991 and returned to the school in 2002 as a coach for the junior varsity football team. He served as the head coach of the junior varsity basketball team and was an assistant on the varsity level.

He coached the players who went on to win the ’08 state title at the junior varsity level. In 2005, Mulkey led the junior varsity team to a 21-0 record and 21-in 2006.

During the memorable season, the Charleston Fire Department presented the Green Wave with a fire helmet to honor the team’s former assistant basketball coach who was one of nine firemen who lost their lives during the Sofa Super Store fire.

The team placed the helmet on the bench for the remainder of the season, and many players said he was the reason Summerville won the state title.

Former Summerville standout A.J. Green dedicated the victory in the title game to Mulkey.

“We love him so much, that’s why we worked so hard,” Green said after the Wave won the title in ’08. “He’s like my second dad. This win was dedicated to him.”

The other hall of fame inductees were Burt Bazzle, Perry Cuda, Robert Sinteff, Jan Waring Woods, Michael Wills and Will Jeter.