Two controversial zoning requests pending in North Charleston have been removed from Thursday’s City Council agenda and will not be considered at that 5 p.m. meeting.

One case involves a large tract of woodlands next to the Aichele Terrace neighborhood, near Hanahan. Charleston Water System owns the undeveloped land and had asked the city to change the zoning from residential to light industrial, a land-use classification that allows businesses such as truck terminals and dry cleaning plants.

The plan drew criticism partially because there’s a residential neighborhood next to the property, but also because the Charleston Water System mostly wants industrial zoning to make the land more valuable in a potential sale. The utility plans to build offices for its own use and sell the remaining land.

That zoning request has now been withdrawn, according to city staff.

The second case involves land at the south end of the city around the former Baker Hospital site, located between the Ashley River and Interstate 26.

Developers are seeking “heavy industrial” zoning for parts of the mostly-vacant property, which is an environmental cleanup site regulated by the state.

There are a nursing home and an apartment building on land adjacent to the site, prompting questions about the appropriateness of heavy industry and about the pollution in the area.

The developers have postponed their zoning request to allow more time to meet with concerned neighbors, according to Robert Clement who represents land owner Ashley II of Charleston LLC.