Jeremiah Langhorne, who worked his way up from line cook to become a nationally-esteemed chef as McCrady’s chef de cuisine, is leaving the restaurant.

Langhorne is planning to open a 45-seat restaurant in Washington D.C. next summer.

“We’re going to be doing food that’s very similar (in terms of) attention to detail, but with a much more relaxed atmosphere,” says Langhorne, who’s been lauded by industry professionals and diners alike for ably steering a restaurant which could have been hamstrung by its executive chef’s frequent absences for promotional appearances.

Sous chef Daniel Heinze is being promoted to the chef de cuisine role on Oct. 1. Heinze, a Florida native, got his start in restaurants as a server before studying culinary arts at Johnson & Wales University in Miami. Heinze spent two years cooking under Norman Van Aken before joining the McCrady’s team in 2007.

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